How to Get Around the Continuous Organic Delivery Issues on Facebook

How to Get Around the Continuous Organic Delivery Issues on Facebook

Have you stopped boo-hooing about the Facebook changes yet? Most folks haven’t. And I completely understand why.

So, while I can’t afford to give you all tissues, I am going to attempt to help you get around the scary new Facebook changes.

Focus on Page Interactions

How does Facebook decide whose pages get viewed? Out of 1,500 potential stories per user at any given time, the new algorithm puts a strong emphasis on user interactions. And that means not just posting but having interesting conversations with your audience.

According to Mari Smith, an expert Facebook marketer, there’s some very simple advice we should all follow:

  • Do not abandon your page; keep posting as usual
  • Respond to customer questions and comments (shocking how many brands don’t do this)
  • Update all your about information regularly for accuracy
  • Change your About blurb (under the photo)

Authentic Interactions Only, Please

You’ve seen those spammy posts that say, “If you want to help find Jane, share and like this post.” Let’s tip our hats to Facebook who is now penalizing this type of content by not showing it in fan feeds. In either case, you need to have a strong social media strategy to find long term success.

You can no longer ask your fans to like you or share spammy links. How do we get around this when we actually have something of value to share?

Ask a question.

Do you like this photo? How do you feel about the background of this landing page? Did you think <hot topic here> got their just rewards?

Users love to engage with questions – so give them a chance by shifting your brand into asking for real feedback. Bonus points if you can tie it in to your actual company.

Build Your Own Email List

Call us old school, but having your own viable email list that lets folks opt-in to your content so you can continually target them with your own message works. And it puts the control back in your hands.

How should you do this? Create a landing page / squeeze page on your website with a valuable free offer, “We think you’re peachy. Sign up now to get a free summer fruits nutrition guide.”

Make the offer something that specifically pertains to the folks and fans you want to attract to your business, though. Free iPads are great…but who doesn’t want one of those.

Post your offer on Facebook, pay to boost the post, and see what happens.

Now, organic list building of people who actually want to buy from you will take longer than freeloaders – so don’t be upset if you see a lot of unsubscribes in your first few months. Likewise, multiple opt-in offers should be able to magnet in multiple lines of business for you.

Get Totally Transparent with Follows

Finally, if you still want to make the most of Facebook, go ahead and change the privacy settings on your personal (yes, personal) profile that’s linked to your business page.

Where you see the option to ‘Follow,’ change ‘Who can follow me?’ to Everyone. Those who might not know you personally (and don’t qualify as a friend) can choose to follow you instead; it lets them see all your public updates.

What’s this black magic all about? Personal profiles get precedence in the news feed over fan pages. At least until they change the rules again.

Is Facebook frustrating you? Tell me how you handled the recent changes.


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