How to File for Divorce in Oklahoma: DIY Guide

How to File for Divorce in Oklahoma: DIY Guide

If you do not have enough funds to finance an attorney, you can easily handle the divorce process by yourself. Still, you should consider numerous aspects of the process, which will help you out.

Generally, you are a perfect candidate for DIY divorce if:

  • You have created an agreement with your spouse on all issues, including support, custody, and property division.
  • If you have relevant information about your family’s debts and assets, which will help you out with the process
  • In case you are comfortable with arrangements of children custody and support as well as shared parenting time. 

Indeed, the main goal is to save money, but you should also think about other aspects. It is vital to gather paperwork, research state’s law, and follow through appearances and court filings. 

The best way to learn more about legal aspects of divorce is by checking here for more info. 

Besides, you should be in even temperament to handle spike of emotions that can affect you throughout a process. That way, you can reach a desired agreement without anyone’s help.

Use Divorce Mediator

If the only issues that lie between you two are visitation rights, you should avoid giving up. Instead, you can reach a resolution and consensus by using a divorce mediator. We are talking about a professional who can bring closure on essential issues that can happen.

At the same time, you can ask a counselor to help you deal with emotional issues throughout the process, which is another way to handle it.

Keep in mind that mediation is the perfect way to deal with divorce, even if you do not agree on all terms and points. 

Some cases come with long-term and severe considerations for taxes. Therefore, before you decide to sign off a filling, you should consult a financial advisor, consultant, or tax preparer.

That way, you can get a potential tax issue that can happen after you both agree. Besides, you should not forget to contact IRS to get free information about all taxes you should handle.

If You Feel Resentment, Deception, or Anger, You Should Avoid DIY 

We recommend you avoid the DIY divorce process if you or your spouse have anger that can pose a danger to your loved ones. 

At the same time, if you think that your spouse is transferring money or hiding it away from your control, you should find an attorney to help you out with the process.

DIY Divorce Steps

  • Country Clerk – Everything depends on the county you reside in, but most clerk offices will offer you essential info on filing a divorce. In some areas, you can check online for a guideline that will help you out. The clerk cannot provide you legal advice. Still, you may visit a law library to find information about your local regulations, filing fees, and other factors that will affect your situation.
  • Legal Document Preparers – In some areas, you can find third-party businesses that will handle your paperwork, forms, and everything to deal with a divorce without any additional problem. We can call them paralegals, while other options refer to them as LDPs or legal document preparers. They cannot provide you with legal advice, but they can help you prepare all necessary forms to file them at court. You should supply them with information and file everything in court. That way, when you visit an LDP, you will fill a questionnaire that will ask you for relevant information. Depending on your prior agreement, they will place the information on forms or file them with the court. The fee varies from state to state and other factors such as whether you need a separate settlement agreement, whether you have children, and more. Still, both reliability and quality can vary depending on the business you choose. That is why you should research before choosing them. Check out their experience levels, online reviews, and other potential restrictions they may have.

You should visit this site: to learn more about dealing with divorce. 

  • Online Divorce Services – Some preparation businesses will interact with you online without office and walk-in service. The main idea is that you will answer similar questionnaires on websites while getting forms on email or through mail at your address. In some situations, online services will handle filing as well. The expenses vary depending on numerous factors and speed for preparation. Still, you should research the service and check out online reviews before you make up your mind. Some websites include BBB or Better Business Bureau, which will offer you report and ratings from past customers. The main idea is to spend some time searching around and using your judgment to choose the best course of action.

Importance of Lawyers

The main reason attorneys are more expensive than others is because they are aware of each step along the way, including long-term issues that you may not consider yourself. 

For instance, a court may impute your future income to a spouse, which will affect your future in the long run. 

At the same time, attorneys can provide you a shield against direct contact, which will prevent things from getting ugly. 

Generally, most of them already have knowledge of how child custody functions, which means they will help you achieve the best interest based on your loved ones.

If you are unsure whether DIY divorce is the proper choice, we recommend you talk with divorce attorneys to determine the best course of action. 

First consultations are, in most cases, accessible, which will allow you to explain the circumstances to a professional. That way, you will get relevant information to decide whether you will need expert attorney protection and guidance.

Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, you can choose a wide array of options depending on circumstances and numerous factors that will affect your situation.

Check out more about Oklahoma Divorce Forms Uncontested, a service that will provide you with all forms without any additional problem. 

That is why you should determine whether it is agreeable and practical to handle everything yourself or choose a legal help you ensure peace of mind.

In both cases, you can get what you wanted and prevent potential hassles from happening. Still, it would be best to decide based on your preferences and price tag, among other things.


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