How to create a sales page for your first product?

How to create a sales page for your first product?

You have been slowly rolling out post after post for weeks, promoting them on social networks, and gradually growing your mailing list. Now, is the responsibility to start your blogging and take it to the next level by releasing your first product or program and turning it into a company. Now, is a perfect time to create a sales page [สร้างเพจขายของ which is a term in thai], for your specific product.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind.

Pick the perfect headline – The most effective sales pages begin with a strong statement. They are typically engrossing, benefit-focused, and talk directly to their intended audience. These headlines will not attract the customers towards the product but also entice them to make a purchase and recommend others.

Showcase testimonials – Social evidence lends legitimacy to the offering and boosts conversions. On your sales page, testimonials from customers who were happy with their purchase and were successful as a result serves as social evidence. They will also assist you in validating the product’s functionality and services.

Have a clear call-to-action – Add a clear call to action button on your sales page as it will redirect the customers or users directly to the contact details. This will bring a sense of security and reliability to customer’s minds to make a purchase or clear any queries while purchasing. Changing the color and shape of buttons also helps in converting sales by almost 36%.

Use video, graphics, and creatives – Visual representations are extremely effective conversion tools that can be easily implemented on a sales page. Video, graphs, and maps not only break up your copy, but they will also show the final product to the customers. Making use of graphics and videos or other creative are more preferred as people get attracted towards them more than the normal posts.


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