How The Implications Of Rubber Is Uprising Day By Day?

How The Implications Of Rubber Is Uprising Day By Day?

We know rubber is important and in our daily life we use it in fields. Throughout the world there are variations of rubbers such as Amazonian rubber, India rubber, Silicone Rubber (ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai), Caucho, they are examples of natural rubbers and you can get them naturally. Thailand and Indonesia are the leading countries that produce good quality rubbers over the world.

Variety of Rubbers

  • Hevea Brasiliensis: One of the famous natural rubbers latex comes from Amazonian rubber trees that are known as (Hevea Brasiliensis). The trees grow well under cultivation and by the wounded portion of the tree, you can get latex.
  • Congo Rubber: Congo is another source of rubber. They produce rubbers and the quality of it also good. They find latex from the “Landolphia” genus.
  • Dandelion: Its quality is very well from that good quality rubbers come out. In some wild types of trees, you will get less latex. Though they are the same in quality.

Uses of Rubber

We need rubber in our daily life it helps to remove some writings, drawings from your copy and it is made up of rubber. Many companies are there who sell an eraser and the office of it is low. You can see in the market lots of playing balls are selling and they are soft. That is also made using rubber. The office of these banks is not too high.

When you are a book lover you can use it as a page marker or else you can wrap the book by the rubber band. Nowadays, shoes are being made with the rubber. As it is soft you can feel free when you put up a pair of shoes. Rubber ribbons are used in so many toys. Even in the medical science rubber is used.

Except for these natural rubbers, they’re it is an another marital like rubber that is Silicone Rubber. It is a Polymer containing silicon Edith Carbon, Oxygen. Silicon rubber now becomes popular because it is noon reactive, environment friendly and affordable in price. It can take the high temperature from  50°C to 300°C.

Now in many businesses people are using silicone rubber rather than natural rubber-like in sportswear, footwear, medical science, electrics, hardware, etc. As it is also working as similar to natural rubber and easy to get so the uses of Silicon rising.


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