How the 1800 numbers can be of significant help to you?

How the 1800 numbers can be of significant help to you?

Almost all companies have taken on the promise of the 1800 numbers to increase the growth and success of the business. Having an 1800 number or a vanity number is a telephone number that you rent out from a toll-free service provider. This frees your customer from pay for calls to your office or business, hence it’s also called a toll-free telephone number. Instead, the fee for the call gets charged to you.

However, since everyone is already doing it, you must make certain measures to still stand out from the crowd. Make the most of your 1800 number using these easy steps:

  1. Make your vanity numbers simply and easy to remember. Use a combination of numbers or words that your customers will not have a problem remembering. Never use a combination of numbers and alphabets as alphanumeric vanity numbers have lower recall. However, if the name of your business does have numbers and letter in it, we guess that’s okay as long as you keep it relatively simple. Simpler 1800 numbers will generate more calls. And the more people call you, the better your chances are of getting a sale.
  2. Not only should your 1300 Number, be simple and easy to remember, they should also be consistent. If you’re advertising in different platform, much like your branding, you contact information should also be the same across the board so as to create confusion. When trying to track calls from different campaigns and ads, advertisers would use a different number for each. This can create confusion not only in your search engine optimization efforts, it will also confuse your customers.
  3. Increase your ads the first couple of months to get your number out there and impossible to miss. Always put an emphasis on your toll-free numbers. A great vanity number will surely get in your customer’s heads whether they like it or not.


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