How Mobile Technology is Helping With Fundraising Efforts

How Mobile Technology is Helping With Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is part of your nonprofit’s growth strategy. It requires a lot of time and effort to create donor lists, contributor lists and volunteer lists. Communicating with each group can be difficult without the right tools available. You also need to be able to coordinate events and programs efficiently. So how do you do all of this without wasting valuable time and effort?

Examine your current resources first.
A good analysis of what you’re currently doing is a good first start in determining your needs. There are plenty of mobile apps for nonprofits that promise to eliminate burdensome tasks. Mobile technology has increased your ability to do any number of tasks that you had to have volunteers or your staff perform. By analyzing your current workflow and determining what you need now, you eliminate both the costs and needless redundancies you may encounter.

Make a list and brainstorm the tasks you need done now.
Fundraising efforts take time and money. You can utilize mobile technology tools to engage your donor base easily and quickly. This eliminates the need to spend money on surveys and other correspondence. You can create marketing campaigns that reach everyone through mobile applications. This reduces the need to reach out to people via printed advertisements and newspapers.

Keeping track of donations becomes easier with financial applications. This frees you from the worry of having to manually track down donations. It is good to know that your goals are being reached through these valuable tools.

Make the connections with your donors, supporters and volunteers.
Mobile technology has made it easier to connect with everyone. Nonprofits now have more ways to connect with donors than they had in the past. This is not to say that traditional methods of connecting are not being utilized. Your donors still like the personal touch. Yet social media is fast becoming the “go-to” place to connect with them.

You may also consider that your target audience is increasingly “surfing” the Internet to find ways to help the organizations they have come to respect. Mobile technology tools used properly can benefit your nonprofit in many ways.

Websites that engage their audience have a better opportunity to draw people than websites that just display information. Mobile friendly websites also have the advantage of capturing volunteers’ interest because of their accessibility.

Ask for feedback and support from everyone.
You know that it’s not enough to make connections. You now need to engage your donor and volunteer base to help reach your fundraising goals. Mobile technology tools are available that can help you manage the many details involved in the engagement process.

You can create forums that address issues that are on everyone’s mind. You can set up donor pages that allow people to donate money safely to your causes. You can even create event pages to attract and promote your projects. The possibilities are endless.

Building strong relationships does take time. It requires you to get the word out about your nonprofit effectively and remain consistent with your message. The right combination of mobile technology tools can help you build and maintain relationships online. It is important to note that you may need to tweak your online presence from time to time to make sure your message remains consistent and viable.

Mobile technology can help your nonprofit fund raise but you still need to do the initial analysis to determine what tools are necessary for your organization. Not every mobile tool will fit your organization’s needs. The beauty is that there are many resources available for you to use.


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