How important is the maintenance of the industrial machinery?

How important is the maintenance of the industrial machinery?

It is generally said that prevention is better than cure. Though this particular proverb is mainly used in the context of medical care and health, it is however applicable to almost any scenario. For example, in case of machine maintenance preventive measures are very much important. In an industrial setup you are likely to encounter two types of maintenance system, he most important one being the Preventive Maintenance system. As the name and the proverb suggests preventive care is given to industrial machinery in order to detect faults early. The preventive maintenance system is very important from the point of view of maintaining the production rate steady in a manufacturing unit.

How the preventive maintenance system works?

In case of preventive maintenance systems manual workers survey the machines regularly. These surveys generally help the workers to detect and then fix the problem at the soonest. There are three main advantages of the preventive maintenance system in an industrial set-up. Preventive maintenance system helps the industrialists to retain a large number of their workers. It is important in this age of industrial automation when almost every segment of the industries is seeing job losses. The second important advantage of the preventive maintenance system is that as the workers are experienced early detection of faults can be fixed at the soonest. Thirdly, the preventive maintenance system is very much helpful for those setups where full automation has not reached yet. And even in fully automated industries preventive maintenance system helps the workers to stay in their jobs. However, the predictive maintenance system is now very much available for the industrialists to supplement the preventive maintenance system. In predictive maintenance system the machines are programmed in such  a way that they can predict where a fault is likely to occur.

Know more about the preventive maintenance system

Now if you are in Thailand you might well know the importance of the preventive maintenance system. But if you want to know more about preventive maintenance system and want to compare it with predictive system then do consult a good industrial consultant brand at the earliest.


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