How does your company benefit from implementing performance evaluations?

How does your company benefit from implementing performance evaluations?

Among others, the main benefits that you will obtain in your company by periodically and standardized evaluating your work team are:

  • Establish standards and metrics of individual performance expectations of each member of the organization.
  • Align individual goals with those of each department and these in turn with those of the company.
  • Optimize performance levels.
  • Recognize the outstanding performance as well as identify the weak performance of your collaborators.
  • Identify growth and development opportunities according to the profiles, skills and competencies of your staff.
  • Reward the efforts of your employees fairly and equitably on an objective basis.
  • Know the areas of opportunity in each department.
  • Achieve commitment, satisfaction and identification of employees towards the company.
  • Stimulate greater productivity.
  • Encourage boss-subordinate communication to achieve better synergy.
  • Provide objective and quality feedback to promote continuous improvement of the employee both in skills and attitudes.
  • Obtain information to make organizational decisions such as promotion of workers to positions of higher level and responsibility.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person in your work team to ensure that they are in the most suitable position according to their abilities and skills.
  • Detect the need for training to reinforce the skills and knowledge necessary for the position.
  • Check the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection processes .
  • Self-improvement of the employee .
  • Estimation of the development potential of employees.

The Benefits of a performance evaluation for your company

It is important that the performance evaluation program is planned in detail, that it is monitored and continuously improved, since if so, it brings multiple short, medium and long benefits for the employee, the boss and the organization with the hiring solution.

What are those benefits?

For the employee:

  • Be clearly aware of the expectations of your boss and the organization regarding your job, your objectives and performance.
  • Know the characteristics and competencies that the company values ​​most in the people who make up the work team.
  • Have the opportunity to do a self-assessment for their professional growth.
  • Be motivated and committed to offer your best effort to the company.

For the boss:

To be able to better and objectively evaluate the performance and behavior of its collaborators by having a measurement base and a planned and standardized system.

Have indicators to evaluate and improve the performance standard of its employees.

Have the power to promote better communication with your collaborators so that they understand the dynamics of evaluation as an objective and concrete system through which they can know how their performance has been in the company.

To be able to better plan and organize your area in conjunction with all the human talent that makes it up to create synergy and make it work more efficiently.

Being able to reduce the rotation of your work team by acting as a leader who helps the development of your staff, achieving commitment and a good environment.


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