Hire A Fridge Trailer for Sublime Winter Entertaining

Hire A Fridge Trailer for Sublime Winter Entertaining

Where can fridge trailers be utilised?

  • School fetes and fairs.
  • School Christmas plays.
  • Christmas and New Year parties.
  • Country shows.
  • Camping trips.
  • Fishing trips.
  • Medical establishments.
  • Domestic settings.

If you are catering at a winter event, you’ll need to adhere to Health and Safety legislation and that means not inadvertently poisoning your guests by serving them food that hasn’t been stored correctly.

As it’s likely that your on-site fridge is straining already with its daily use there has to be a solution from outside the premises.

It’s simple to arrange refrigerated trailer hire with reputable firms who offer cost effective, well maintained and hygienic trailers for any length of time.

Whether you are hosting the entire family at home at Christmas and need additional capacity to cope with the plethora of culinary festive treats or if you run a restaurant that must have more space for the turkeys and sprouts then a fridge trailer is perfect.

If you are a glutton for punishment and intend to camp out at any time over the winter then hiring a fridge trailer is an effective way to keep food at the best temperature, you may want to freeze in the great outdoors but your food doesn’t.

Please ensure that your hire covers preparation and clearing up time not just the event, far too many people try to minimise their hire period to lessen costs but they only add to their stress.

A professional fridge trailer rental company will deliver your fridge trailer and position it where it’s best for use.

If that’s by a marquee in a stately home’s gardens, in the garage at a more modest semi-detached house or on the curbside outside the local theatre they’ll ensure it is working and that you’re happy before they leave site.

Firms like the popular and hugely experienced Icecool Trailers in Berkshire studiously maintain their fridge trailers so that when they deliver them both you and they have absolute confidence and peace of mind.

The fridge trailer will be useable soon after set up, no avoidable delays.

It’s strongly recommended that fridge trailers are booked in advance, although there is capacity for emergency hire services with the pre-Christmas/New Year rush you shouldn’t hesitate to obtain your most suitably sized refrigerated trailer hire.

Hire units are secured with keys which the client is issued with and gives back at the end of the hire period.

The fridge trailer is insured by the hire firm but any items that are placed within it won’t be insured so it’s sensible to seek separate cover for your stock of food items.

Failure to obtain insurance for the goods cannot be attributed to the hire firm, nor can stock loss.

Refrigerated trailer hire delivers stress relief, excellent facilities and the extra space allows menu variety.

Merry entertaining season!


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