Highlights of the Phase 2 Reopening in Singapore

Highlights of the Phase 2 Reopening in Singapore

The Circuit Breaker in Singapore has entered its second phase. More companies have resumed their operations, and we have seen changes in the way businesses conduct their activities.

We see some highlights of the phase two opening in Singapore:

Companies Have Resumed Operations

To know if you can reopen your company, you need to make an application for phase two reopening Singapore. Authorities will assess if you can follow the guidelines to keep your employees and visitors safe before giving you the green light.

Phase 2 of the circuit breaker has seen companies from various sectors, including physical retail stores, elderly care services, swimming centres, etc recommence. Of course, there are security guidelines and restrictions, which we talk about below.

SafeManagement Measures are in Place

Phase two reopening Singapore has had companies follow various safety guidelines to keep their employees and customers safe from the spreading virus. Some of the important points are as follows:

  • Every company has to devise a detailed plan on how they plan to tackle and avoid the spread of COVID-19 in their office. The plan should comply with other SafeManagement guidelines.
  • Businesses should appoint a Safe Management Officer who will monitor and coordinate the implementation of the SafeManagement guidelines in the workplace.
  • Health screenings and medical checkups should happen regularly in the office.
  • Work from Home and Virtual Meetings should be conducted whenever possible.

The SafeEntry System

Every office needs to install a Singapore SafeEntry System. It is a digital check-in and check-out system which tracks the moment of people inside the premises, proving helpful in contact tracing. People who need to enter an office need to input their information with their identification cards, and the data will be highly confidential, accessed by selected authorities.  


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