Greater Options in the Cannabis Online Choices

Greater Options in the Cannabis Online Choices

You have certainly heard the term “e-commerce” somewhere. Popularized in the last decade, e-commerce has emerged as an entrepreneurial alternative in times of crisis or a way to increase the revenue of a physical store by selling also over the internet, without geographical limits or limited space for products. Today, you will be inserted into the world of online sales with the help of us.

What to know before setting up an e-commerce?

E-commerce revenues could reach R $ 79.9 billion this year, which would represent a 16% growth in e-commerce in Brazil compared to last year – data from the Association of Electronic Commerce show Setting up an e-commerce can be a good investment bet. Want a better reason than this to open your internet store?

Perhaps your insecurity still diminishes interest and raises questions about the concept, application and types of e-commerce. But now the time has come to know the advantages of having an online store. For the Full Vertical Seed To Sale Cannabis ERP you will have a great option now.

First of all, what does e-commerce mean?

What is an e-commerce?

To understand its meaning, one must know that it is an abbreviation of the word eletronic commerce or, in Portuguese, electronic commerce. In it, business is done through an electronic platform accessed via devices such as cell phones and computers.

With projected high of 16%, e-commerce has consolidated among consumers. Still on the concept and purpose of this business, it should be understood, especially when thinking about setting up one, that every e-commerce site is a virtual store, but not every virtual store is an e-commerce.

Then we can make the difference between e-commerce and the marketplace. In the case of the former, there is only one company, manufacturer or seller in its own web shop. Already the marketplace is a platform with a structure already ready on the web and which houses several companies.

On the other hand, it must be understood that the marketplace will not give the same freedom that an online store offers.

Ecommerce Types

When you think about types of e-commerce in Brazil, we can talk about four main models. Understanding them is important to understanding what e-commerce is and what it is for:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) : When companies sell to people 
  • B2B (Business to Business): When selling on the web is from one company to another 
  • C2B (Consumer to Business): Is the inversion of the first type 

One person offers a service to a company (as in a freelance platform) 

C2C (Consumer to Consumer): Relationship between ordinary consumers, such as the Free Market, for example.

Ecommerce Advantages

Now that you know what the term means, know the main advantages:

With your online store, you will have the autonomy to manage your business and boost your sales.

Flexibility: With your online store, you can better manage your time 

Low investment: Forget about the expense of a physical store. When setting up an e-commerce, the expenses are much lower 

Dynamism: The time between the selection process and the purchase of the product is shorter, and is not dependent on immediate stock.


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