Get Creative while Promoting Your Multi-Level Marketing Business

Get Creative while Promoting Your Multi-Level Marketing Business

Conventional marketing methods can be expensive and are not always tailored to the nuances of your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. In order to save money and reach the maximum number of clientele, you must find creative ways to promote your products. Consider these promotional strategies of successful MLM businesses when structuring your marketing plan.

Get Clever with Social Media

As a distributor, you know that social media can be one of your biggest promotional tools, but it comes with it’s own difficulties. Others may have already saturated your friend’s list and spammed their inboxes promoting their own MLM business that new messages like yours will likely be blocked. Set yourself apart as a creative entrepreneur and you will gain more customers.

  • Make your own graphics. You’re competing in a news feed with others using company-generated graphics which readers now identify and have trained themselves to ignore. Stop people mid-scroll with creative and catchy graphics sure to make them click.
  • Post videos, not just website links.  People are more likely to watch a video you share than click on an unknown website link you post. Break out of that standard networking box and post your own video personally promoting your MLM business.
  • Get personal and inspiring. To meet your sales goal you need to create loyal customers and in order to do that, people need to know, like, and trust you. Share your positive attitude and the story of your journey to inspire others to invest in themselves by investing in you.
  • Build a website. Accessibility to the internet has opened a world of opportunities for small business owners including building their own website. Start your website for free to get your contact information out there and eventually work towards appearing as a result when someone searches for your type of product or service on a search engine.

Word-of-Mouth is Still the Best and Cheapest Advertisement

With suspiciously paid advertising and endless internet scams, word-of-mouth from a customer to their inner circle of family and friends can be the best way to promote your MLM business.

  • Sell a quality product or service. Customers become satisfied when their purchased product performs exactly as promised and satisfied customers share their happiness with others. For an example of a quality product that delivers on its promise, check out ASEA Health.
  • Provide stellar customer service. People love to return to a business that offers a personalized customer experience. Treat your customers with respect and devote attention to their needs and their loyalty will spread throughout their circle.
  • Start a referral or reward system. Incentivizing referrals can also help promote your MLM business. Offer your customers discounts or free items to get them talking.

Mailings, Messages, Stickers and More!

For a small printing price, things like business cards, mailings, stickers, signs, and even greeting cards can be great promotional tools for your MLM business.

  • Utilize your mailings. Always place a flyer, business card, or some information about your product or services in every letter, bill, or shipment you send. Send greeting cards for birthdays or anniversaries of first sales to let your customers know you’re thinking about them and they are important to you.
  • Stickers aren’t just for kids. Create a clever sticker and start sticking it on everything you own, do, or send out. Send your customers a fun sticker for their phone, water bottle, car, etc. which will help get the message out about your MLM business.
  • Maximize your Phone Skills. Be sure the person answering your business phone is pleasant and perky. Making a good impression right away will keep customers on the hook. Also, use your voicemail messaging to direct callers to your business website or inform them of upcoming promotions before they’re prompted to leave a message.
  • Network. Getting out into the public and meeting people is still one of the most cost-effective methods of promotion. Hand out business cards or brochures to everyone you meet and practice a short, positive introduction to yourself and your business to share.

Finding creative ways to promote your Multi-Level Marketing business can be both fun and cost-effective when you think outside of the box. There are creative ideas for every company out there even if you are marketing science based medicine. Maximize all of the resources you have at your fingertips and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


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