Get an expert to manage your money in order to grow it further:

Get an expert to manage your money in order to grow it further:

Most people make the mistake of managing their money by themselves, when they know nothing about it. The reason behind is that they think that if they can make the money, then they also have the ability to manage it as well. However, earning and managing the cash are two very different things. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an expert like a charter accountant to take care of your cash. Such a person has years of experience in the field and know exactly what one should do in order to make their money work for them. The one thing that you should instantly start doing is to start budgeting. You have to know how much money you are spending on a monthly basis, so you can plan things out better. Once you have a budgeting plan in front of you, you can start to manage your money better.

Here’s why and how to look at your expenses in a different way:

Every person buys things that they do not need every now and then. It is actually quite normal to do, unless it starts to cost you a lot of money. In order to avoid any financial issues later, you should divide your expenditures in two categories: needs and wants. This will help you to determine if you really need a product every time you get the urge to buy that thing.

Always take a secured loan to save money on interest:

If you are in a need of considering a loan, then always go with the secured loan. It will require you to opt for options like Car pledge [รับจำนำรถจอด, which is term in Thai], but it will be totally worth it as it will dramatically decrease your interest rate. You will also be able to get the loan easily in spite of having a low credit score. You can also opt to pledge car, motorcycle, gold, mutual funds, etc.


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