From Schooling to “Adulting” with ValueMags

From Schooling to “Adulting” with ValueMags

ValueMags is magazine marketing agency based out of Chicago, Illinois that has recently turned it’s focus to accommodating a larger market of readers. The market they have especially neglected is the business and lifestyle market. Although many magazine claim to be lifestyle magazines, few of the articles published in magazines give life advice on how to transition or get through hard times. A transition that many individuals are going through, have gone through, and will continue to go through is going from a student to being an adult.

“Sure, 18 or 21 [depending on where you are] is the legal age where someone is considered and adult, but are they ready to be an adult?”, exclaimed ValueMags president Andrew Degenholtz. He is among many that admit the transition is exciting at first but quickly becomes a shock. It is so easy for someone to live at home and have a mom or dad that prepares all their meals or at least pays for the roof over their heads. There is a lot involved in owning a house. It is not necessarily the moving in process that is so overwhelming though. It is the settling in and routine afterwards.

Most humans do not like change. It is important that individuals going through that transition have the resources they need to be okay with the change they are going through. Resources can include individuals and talking with family and friends or for some reading. If ValueMags could offer more magazines that have practical lifestyle tips and tricks for individuals going through changes, they could be a lot more proud of their brand. Not to say that Degenholtz is not proud of the ValueMags brand name; he however wishes that their magazines could be more than just a form of entertainment. He wants the magazines they offer to be a way for individuals to space and educate themselves.

For more information about ValueMags’ initiatives and the magazine discussion, visit ValueMags Blog. The discussion is waiting for you, join in now!


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