Freelancer vs Accounting Firm

Freelancer vs Accounting Firm
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Outsourcing accounting firms may sound appealing when you consider cost and access to specialist thus most organizations are faced with the crossroad of choosing between a freelancer and an accounting firm.

The choice of different organizations may vary but each choice comes with its unique advantage, in that light, we will compare both choices to ensure you note if any has any great advantage.

What Benefit is a Freelancer?

The two main benefits you may stand to get from a freelancer are low costs and flexibility

The nature of freelances allows for flexibility and urgency in handling and delivering tasks of clients. Additionally, the costs are usually on the lower side.

However, freelancers need to remain committed to their numerous clients meaning that you may never top the list of their priorities. For you to rank on their priority list, your task has to be very lucrative since they obviously spend time on a more profitable task. And with their commitments to tasks changing with priorities, you may end up not getting value for your service which will in no way benefit your accounting records.

With deadlines to meet, if the records require daily updating, then uninterrupted approach becomes prudent; a luxury a freelancer (who steadily adjust to satisfy numerous clients) may not offer you.

Furthermore, the low costs linked with freelancing means that you won’t enjoy the best resources as regards to tools, cloud services and applications. 

What Does an Accounting Firm Bring Differently?

Accounting firms are more dependable especially when they have stayed in the business for long.

They pride in their reputation hence they thrive to protect it by ensuring client satisfaction, having in mind that slips will potentially translate to them losing their clients. 

They will invest in applications and resources that will see to the ease of work.

While a freelancer may have an edge in terms of cost and flexibility, clients may soon find these benefits fade away for reasons mentioned earlier.

Saving costs certainly sounds appealing but quality service and cost-effectiveness should be considered most in making the decision between a freelancer and accounting firm.

From the above comparison, one can deduce that an accounting firm offers quality and reliable service compared to hiring a freelancer and be able to make an informed decision between the two.

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