Finer Methods for the Best essay Usages Now

Finer Methods for the Best essay Usages Now

Good or not good, that’s the question. What makes a professional text different from a loveless text desert? We’ll tell you what text fines matter and give tips on how to distinguish good from bad content marketing content.

Is that still good or can the text go away?

Now the time has come, your editorial staff / your agency / your freelance copywriter has written a text for your magazine. There seem to be whole sentences with words that make sense at first sight. But stop – is this really a good text that will enthrall your target audience, or are you unnecessarily burdening your blog? You can find out with the following checklist. A visit to makes things easier now.

So you recognize bad texts

From A like building to V like linking – when writing something can go wrong, because a good content marketing content must inspire readers and Google alike. This is only possible with high quality and without the following mistakes.

The content

Whether a guidebook article or an inspirational contribution, you realize a lousy text at first reading. That should not offer content marketing:

No added value, utility or relevance: If an article in 1000 words tells something without providing new information, this is not a quality feature. In short, Wikipedia would be more interesting and unique.

Why add value and Co. are so important and what is behind it, I explain in my article on the subject of” writing good Webtexts”.

Written by the target group: Who are your buyer personas and your target group? If that is not known yet, then you cannot accuse your copywriter, if he or she writes past the readers. If, however, staked out what the target audience expects, enthusiastic and moved to read, then the text should not chatter about it in content and sound.

Plagiarism: The article reads great. No wonder, because he comes from used pen. The absolute no-go for texts is plagiarism. If you suspect, you can check your texts with plagiarism software or simply enter individual text passages on Google. So you make sure that your blog or magazine offers only “unique content”.

No suitable influencers: The high art of authoring content marketing content also includes the incorporation of influencers. Whether interview partners, pictures or the idea of ​​a DIY idea: influencers should be serious and fit your magazine. Also important: the reach of the integrated influencers via the social media.

The heading

A look at the headline and you do not want to read further. Then something went wrong writing your content marketing content.

Not to the content: Whether tonal or content, if the headline does not fit the content of your article, it could indeed stimulate the click, but disappoint the reader.

Superlative and nothing behind: The best, the most beautiful or the best-beautiful – superlatives can enhance headlines, but they should not be used too inflationary. It is certainly not if they do not keep what they promise.

Buzzfeed headlines: “You do not believe what happened then” – Klickbait headlines make for annoyed clicking away.

Too abstruse: Sounds good, but no idea what the article is about – headlines can be interesting with some abstruse , but should still say something about the content of the article.

Too dry: headlines for content marketing content are not pure news headlines. To sting out of the crowd, they should not just cover W questions like “These are bad headlines”.


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