Financing the Heat Pump and Your Taxes

Financing the Heat Pump and Your Taxes

When installing an air-to-water heat pump in a home, there are different ways to obtain financing assistance and reduce your initial investment. You can thus claim an energy premium, a tax credit for the energy transition, an eco-loan at zero rate, a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% or even aid from local communities.

The energy bonus, a commitment from Total

Partner of individuals who wish to reduce their energy bill by carrying out work to install an air-water heat pump, Total offers you the opportunity to benefit from the energy bonus. This is a payment in euros. You can use the energy bonus simulator, to get an idea of ​​its amount. For example, for the installation of an air-water heat pump in a 120 m2 house located in Annecy, receive a premium of up to 984 euros. In this case the tax submissions can be useful here. The use of the estimate tax return is important there.

It is imperative to submit your application file before the start of the work. On the other hand, to obtain this help, you must respect certain technical conditions among which:

The work is carried out by a professional holding the RGE qualification (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) corresponding to the type of work carried out and valid on the date of acceptance of the quote.

The construction of your home has been completed for more than 2 years.

The equipment must be NF PAC certified or EHPA label or European Eco-label. The coefficient of performance of the heat pump must be greater than or equal to 3.4 (measured according to standard) for a temperature at the outlet of the indoor heat exchanger of 35 ° C.

Seasonal energy efficiency (Etas), according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 813/2013 of August 2, 2013, is greater than or equal to:

111% for medium and high temperature heat pumps.

126% for low temperature heat pumps

The invoice issued by the installer must include the following information:

  • The dates mentioned on the invoice and on the certificate are the same
  • The date of acceptance of the quote is identical to the date of engagement of the operation indicated on the sworn certificate
  • The SIRET of the professional is the same on the invoice, on the sworn certificate (frame C and stamp)

The invoice indicates:

  • The implementation of an Air / Water or Water / Water heat pump depending on your case with its brand and model
  • The type of heat pump (low, medium or high temperature)
  • Seasonal energy efficiency (Etas) of the heat pump alone (excluding the regulation mechanism)
  • Your contact details (surname, first name, full address and site address if different from your main address)

Do not forget to attach your RIB to your certificate of honor. Our complete file on the energybonus  will allow you to learn more about this financial contribution which will reduce your expenses in the context of the purchase and installation  of an air-water heat pump .




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