Facts about effective resume building

Facts about effective resume building

When in a job search, the resume becomes an essential part that gives an excellent impression about you. For this reason, the resume information has to be fluent, simple to read and understand, attractive, and applicable for the position.

Resume content

When the employer gets your resume, the first thing they would check is your background. There is no need for fluffy details here. The critical areas are Personal data, your education, job experience, and other activities.

Personal data

Your data includes your names, home address, status, and mobile number which in most instances it’s mandatory. The email address is also an important component of a resume. An additional section would contain information such as the date you are available, the willingness of travel, etc.

Personal objectives

Different people have different views concerning if the career objective section should be included. Apart from the employer getting to know your objectives, they will be quick to learn more about your career interests. How should you plan your objectives: The objectives must be generalized, give up to four kinds of objectives. If you write an objective, they need to be in more than one line, clearly spaced. However, the objective section is optional as it can also be placed in a cover letter.

Objectives sample:

“Looking for a middle level position as a lawyer in a reputable law firm.”

“To be a lawyer of the high court or large organization”

Education background

The education information must be place in reverse chronology, where the most recent should appear first. In this section you must give information details about the institution, title of the education attended, any major (s) and awards of honors. The GPA must also be clearly added. If there are issues with placing your GPA on your resume, you must discuss this matter with a career representative who would offer you the guidance needed in various situations. Special training, publications, personal licenses must also be placed in this section. High school and low level education to be added, your bachelor degree, master degree or PHD must be 90% included here.

Working experience

Your working experience must also be added in a reverse chronological order i.e. (first – to last) the vital information must include: the company name, Position, its locality, description of the job and accomplishments, years in employment. Check for areas that relate to such a position, provide reliable evidence on your capabilities, your hard work and so on. Inn instances where you had various part time related jobs include your experiences. Include military experience if any.


It is not advisable to state your referees in your resume. But rather include a clause, “Available upon request” create your professional reference page, including their names, professions, address and telephone number. You can include two to three referees who have accepted to represent you and include the number of years they have known you. Include how you relate to the professionals and if you have worked together.

You can always hire professional resume writing services if you think you cannot handle it properly.


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