Exclusive Furniture Collections from Danetti

Exclusive Furniture Collections from Danetti

The interior design of your house is never complete without proper furnishing. Guess what! Nothing compliments your furnishing like cutting-edge modern house-wears, especially furniture and other exclusive sets of contemporary house designs. At Danetti, the products reveal something greater than just simple furniture designs. Theirs is mainly contemporary design and great products that go beyond the mere perception of normal furniture. They offer a distinctive combination of art, experience, memories, family needs, and basic comfort. The ability and capacity to provide furniture that decorates the space and things you interact with daily is what makes them outstanding from the rest. Ranging from your dining table to a rare version of cozy armchair for your leisure time or even the reading tables for your kids, they offer outstanding designs.

With their compact collections, each containing different sets of furniture, all you get is exposure to quality real leather sofas, sideboards, coffee tables, TV stands, storage solutions for your lounge as well as dining table sets; each is embroidered in a variety of sleek and attractive colors. If you are looking for unbeatable market discounts and prices, then you need to try our stores. With over 50% off price on special sales occasions and other great offers coupled with considerable furniture prices, all you need to do is check any of their stores or put your order for subsequent delivery.

Check out on some of the company’s stunning collections below:

Black Chrome Collection
Your penchant for black color is fully satiated with the black chrome collection. With rich, opulent sets embroidered in dark luxurious looks and smooth surface appearance, the collection treats you to an effortless way to polish your house interior. The company has advanced some of its favorite and most popular products with eye-catching dark luxe complexion, displaying a surreal view of shiny black chrome finish that is all-round attractive. Some of the sets in this category include the Elsie Black Chrome Dining Chair, Form Black Chrome Bar Stools, Elsie Black Chrome Cantilever Dining Chair and Form Black Chrome Cantilever Dining Armchair.

All these sets meticulously spark beautiful contrast when placed alongside other brighter materials in your house. The shiny dark surface gently reflects light in your living room to create some sort of controlled lighting system. You will always be a step ahead of the rest with this decent combination.

Exclusive Collection with Julia Kendell
This collection entails exclusive furniture wears brought with Julia Kendell range, specially designed for your living room space. It combines a variety of modern colors with traditional designs and values, typically considering your family’s composition. With large accommodative dining tables designed to get together all your family members and diligently crafted chairs providing the comfort you need during the dinnertime, these sets are just but what a family requires to maintain a close filial attachment. The collection comprises of additional sets like Form Black Chrome Bar Stool with backrest, Cross 4-Seater dining table made of Grey Gloss and Oak, Arc 4-Seater Grey Gloss table for dining, as well as a series of Zen Oak Dining Tables.

Neo Collection
Just in case you want to add some superficially attractive glossy surface in your living room, then consider getting some exclusive glass-embedded table surfaces from the company’s Neo Collection. The Neo coffee tables, dining tables, console tables or TV tables are fixed with high quality and durable glass that has been tested to British standards.

Other customized collections include Aria Collection, New Designs, Eames Dining Sets, Luka Collection, Emilia Collection, Grey Gloss Collection, Fern Collection, Assi Collection, and Curva Collection. You can choose from this extensive variety of exceptional furniture.


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