Discover the many benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney

Discover the many benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney

Mounting debts and financial difficulty are not indications of your character as a person. Events and circumstances can overwhelm even the most hardworking and diligent individuals. The sudden loss of a job, unexpected health care costs, or the need to take in an infirm loved one may have strained your finances beyond the breaking point. You may need a second chance to get your life on track. Filing for bankruptcy can give you a clean start. It can give you the protection you need to rebuild your life. The best bankruptcy attorneys can help you file.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes away unsecured debt. Once it goes into effect, you will no longer owe the credit card and loan companies that have been harassing you. Indeed, all calls, emails, and correspondence by the companies themselves or the collection agencies they have hired must cease once the judgment has been issued.

It is important to understand the debts that are and are not discharged under chapter 7. The law covers the following debt:

-credit card

-personal loans

-utility bills

-some IRS debts

The following debts will not be discharged:

-student loans

-child support and alimony

-mortgage and car payments

-some IRS debts

Although you can technically file for bankruptcy yourself, you should hire a lawyer to help you through the process. Bankruptcy laws have been designed to help ordinary people in financial distress. The laws are extensive and complex. The only way to take maximum advantage of them is to work with someone with deep insight and knowledge of such laws.

A bankruptcy lawyer will also ensure that you fill out the paperwork correctly and meet every important deadline. After your paper has been received, a date will be set for a meeting of creditors. This usually happens nearly a month later. You, your lawyer, and the trustee appointed by the court will probably be the only ones there. This meeting will last no more than half an hour. At its conclusion, you will be free and clear.

It is important to note that the bankruptcy will be on your credit report for the next ten years. You may find it difficult in the immediate future to take out any loans or successfully apply for a credit card. However, you will have most of the debt off your shoulders and will be free to rebuild your life.

If at any time you are challenged or harassed by creditors, you should refer them to your attorney. Do not get into any kind of verbal altercation with them. There is nothing that they can legally do to collect from you or hurt you. Your lawyer will know how to handle such people, and they will take the steps necessary to prevent them from calling you again.

Your bankruptcy is not the result of recklessness but of misfortunate and events that were beyond your control. If you are in a bad way financially and you believe bankruptcy may be your best option, then you should speak to a bankruptcy attorney before making your final decision.

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