Different types of heat exchanger tubes in heat exchangers

Different types of heat exchanger tubes in heat exchangers

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s only one type of heat exchanger tube available. Heat exchanger tube suppliers, USEL Tubular Division, supply a whole host of heat exchanger tubes that are suitable for various applications.

Matching requirements.

You can choose a heat exchanger tube that’s either deburred, U-bent or cut to length from the selection of USEL Tubular Division heat exchanger tubes.

There are so many  heat exchanger tubes  available to suit your individual needs and the specific requirements of the application in-hand. No matter what industry you work in, USEL Tubular Division is guaranteed to provide you with only the most essential pieces of equipment, including heat exchanger tubes!

Heat exchanger suppliers provide a range of sizes and shapes to ensure you find a perfect fit for your application. A perfect fit will not only perform more efficiently, it’ll enable you to receive the best value for money because the heat exchanger tubes are long-lasting.

Shell and tube heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger tubes suppliers supply one of the most popular types of heat exchanger tubes, the shell and tube heat exchangers. These consist of multiple tubes that enable liquids and fluids to flow effortlessly. They have been designed to divide energy. The shell and tube exchangers are ideal for heating and cooling liquids, this is because they can remove heat and transfer their own heat!

If you’re looking for optimal heat exchange, the shell and tube heat exchanger tubes are your best option! Not only are they easy to use, they’re easy to maintain! As well as this, they adopt a compact design that’s simple but suitable for an array of industrial applications.

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Plate heat exchanger.

When you’re looking for compact heat exchanger tubes, you can’t go wrong with the plate heat exchanger tube. The thin plates will be joined together to offer suitability for high-pressure applications.

There’s a small space between each plate, providing a larger surface area. This type of heat exchanger tube is renowned for alternating hot and cold fluids, making it even more suitable for applications of refrigeration.

The heat transfer of the plate heat exchanger tube is one of the most effective, as far as heat exchanger tubes go. Like the shell and tube heat exchangers, the plate exchangers are easy to maintain and keep clean too.

Adiabatic wheel.

The adiabatic wheel is used to transfer intermediate fluids and storing heat. It’s a large wheel that has threads. The threads rotate through fluids to transfer heat energy quickly and efficiently.

Welded tubes.

USEL Tubular Supply stock these in stainless steel, nickel and titanium to suit your needs more specifically. These tubes are all designed to offer high-quality and have been tried and tested on countless occasions to ensure that they perform reliably.

The welded heat exchanger tubes can be straight or U-bent, it merely depends on the application it’s required for.

If you require any more information regarding the different types of heat exchanger tubes, look no further than USEL Tubular Division!

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