Delivery of the high quality content over the most secured and speedy network

Delivery of the high quality content over the most secured and speedy network

CDN   is the content delivery network and it is the system which allows the users to send and share the content to the other users over the personalized network. This network is a group of the servers which help in the speedy delivery of the content to target the niche in the efficient manner. In the present time, the concept of the CDN services has got more confined due to the continuous improvements in this technology. This is the reason for the popularity of the CDN in the delivery of the wide range of content including the audio-visual content, static content and dynamic content.

Access control over the Content delivery network

Protocol communications, optimized network paths and server efficiency helps in acceleration of the dynamic content of the users. Edgecast is one of the top CDN solution provides that has been into this field for several years.  This CDN provider offer CNAMEs, multiple origins and HTTP Rules Engine that gives more control over the content delivery over the server and enable the users to know how and when their content is delivered.  To access the Edgecast network, the customers are needed to work with the edgecast reseller. There are many more companies like edgecast that offer quality services for the safe and secured CDNs.

Features of CDN

Some of the great features of the CDN providers include:

  • Minimum webpage overloading
  • Cache optimization
  • Reduction in number of serial requests
  • Website optimization for various platforms

CDNs can be optimized like the websites and WebPages on the search engine to improve the ranking. The edge optimizer is responsible for reducing the requests which make the servers overloaded. It reduces the number of request to just half and thereby improves the webpage load time. This helps in increasing the web page ranking and delivers the quick respond services to the customers.


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