Customer Service Is Becoming the New Marketing: Here’s Why

Customer Service Is Becoming the New Marketing: Here’s Why

Saying that your customer service strategies could essentially become your new marketing campaign might seem like an odd claim on the surface, but when you consider what customers really value in a company these days, you’ll see plenty of reasons why it’s true. Customers have become jaded with the promises of gimmicky marketing tactics. Today’s technology has given them more information and power than ever to dictate their demands and control their experiences.

Every customer today has the power to leave a positive or negative review. They will share their experiences with your business on social media. And they all pay attention to what their friends and favorite influencers say about companies. Customer service experiences are quickly becoming even more important than product or price to consumers. Treat every customer as the important influencer that they are and this will become your differentiating factor. Standout service can easily be what puts you above your competitors.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons you should be focusing on your customer service efforts. 

Customer service practically pays for itself

Some companies have a hard time with the idea of investing heavily in customer service, as it doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate financial gain. Some even slash their customer service budgets first when things get difficult. Something crucial to consider, however, is how much cheaper, and arguably simpler, it is to retain existing customers rather than winning over new ones. Existing customers can be a continual source of income if they’re motivated to keep coming back to your company. Particularly in e-commerce industries, just a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to a 25 percent, or greater, increase in profits. Customer service pays its dues, and it should be looked at as an investment rather than an expense.

Great customer service motivates employees

It’s long been accepted that there is a correlation between happy employees and happy customers. If employees feel that the work they’re doing is important and that they’re making a difference in customers’ lives, they’ll be more likely to rise to the occasion. One way to empower your customer service representatives is to provide the best tools possible regarding your contact center.

Take customer relationship management (CRM) software, for example. CRM call center integration makes it easy for calls to be routed to the most appropriate agent to handle each individual customer’s needs, and agents are able to look up returning caller’s previous history to better assess the situation. This omnichannel setup allows customers to contact your support center using any means they prefer, and they can seamlessly switch between communication methods if the need arises. Plus, if they need to be transferred to another agent, conversation progress is automatically logged, so the new service rep comes in with knowledge of the situation, which saves everyone’s time.

Providing your agents with the best tools can easily boost their productivity and job satisfaction. As customer service jobs often have high turnover, this may help your company retain some experienced employees — saving time and money on rehires and training.

Quality customer service creates free marketing 

Your customer service efforts can tie directly into your other marketing efforts. Customers pay attention to results, and if you’re consistently earning positive reviews and getting loads of social shares, you can show these off to attract more shoppers. Those who are on the fence about products or who are growing disappointed with their usual companies will be much more likely to try out a business they believe truly has their best interests in mind.


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