Common Workplace Safety Errors You Simply Can’t Afford To Make

Common Workplace Safety Errors You Simply Can’t Afford To Make

Thousands of people suffer from workplace injury across the world each year, although many of the cases are largely preventable. This is the reason both employer and employee should remain vigilant, adhering to strict safety rules and regulations. It is never okay for the employer to ignore the safety of his workers, and it’s also not okay for employees to take shortcuts and get lazy about using safety equipment and appropriate tools in getting their job done. Having said that, below are five of the most common workplace safety mistakes any organization should never turn a blind eye to.

Not Using Appropriate Tool For The Job

Using the wrong tool to get a job done doesn’t only lead to unproductively but to danger. It’s mistake to think that a tool could work because it has similar features to the appropriate one, but it’s a dangerous approach and can lead to accidents. Most tools are designed for specific applications and those applications won’t be done correctly if the right tool is not used. Never take shortcuts. If the tool you’re supposed to use is not available, it is better to postpone the job than to pursue it and put yourself at risk of being injured.

Not Wearing Protective Gear

Even if employees feel uncomfortable with their gear due to the weather or they simply believe they don’t need protective clothing because they’re experts, the protection needs to stay on. Protective equipment should never be removed when performing tasks that require them. Conduct an assessment to understand which types of equipment are necessary for the tasks in your facility. Once you’ve determined them, provide equipment that fits your workers properly and allow them to do their job safely and efficiently.

Skipping Tool And Machinery Inspections

It’s easy to get tempted to skip machine inspection if it seems to be working in good condition. This is a bad approach and could lead to problems later on. Tools and machines should be inspected at the dates they are due for inspection. Only a certified professional should have the last word as to whether a particular machinery is safe to use or not. It may seem counterproductive, but having regular inspection will actually prevent unnecessary downtime while ensuring your worker’s safety at the same time.

Ignoring Safety Training

Safety guidelines and policies should be revisited each year in order for them to stay fresh in the minds of your employees. Along with it should be the conducting of safety training, ensuring each of your employees is ready and able to perform certain protocols should a case arise. Taking this seriously will show your workers that you care about their overall safety and wellbeing.

Encouraging A Culture Of Negligence

Health and safety hazards will always be present regardless of the type of work your organization does. Electrocution, chemical exposure, and slips and falls are all risks workers have to face each day. Failing to identify these risks encourages a culture of negligence within your organization. This is a huge mistake and one that any business owner should never ignore. Always be proactive and vigilant, identifying potential risks and hazards and doing something about them.


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