Better quality and safety with reliable industrial robots

Better quality and safety with reliable industrial robots

With the ever increasing competition in the marketplace it is crucial for every industry to stay updated with the latest technology. Industrial machinery (เครื่องจักร อุตสาหกรรม which is the term in Thai) is designed to enhance the safety, productivity and quality simultaneously. Apparently, there are many industries that work on harsh condition hence by using robots you can reduce the risks of injury of the workers and promote safe and healthy workplace.  Robots can perform highly laborious and repetitive tasks with great level of accuracy. Although industrial robots typically require a large upfront investment but most of the industries such as healthcare, food and pharmaceutical, military, aircraft, large scale manufacturing, etc. are widely implementing robots in their workplace for optimizing their business growth and reputation.

Invest little time

Industrial robots are used for wide range of application such as arc welding, spot welding, materials handling, machine tending, mechanical cutting, grinding, deburring and polishing, picking, packing and palletizing, etc. For the expected outcome and best value for your money choose the robot after proper evaluation of certain factors

  • Kind of applications and processes the robots will be used
  • The maximum load that a robot can carry in its work
  • Number of Axes or degree of freedom
  • The maximum distance the robot could reach
  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Check the robot body mass for supporting structure
  • Brakes and Inertia
  • IP Rating

Evaluate credibility

Most of the reliable industrial automation manufactures offer different types of robots such as Cartesian Robots, SCARA Robots, Articulated Robot, Delta Robots, Cylindrical Robots, etc. at affordable price. Before choosing any manufacturer evaluate the reputation, performance and credibility and then take informed decision. Read the reviews in the reliable forum and also go through the website of the manufacturer and check the range of products, services and solutions offered, effectiveness of the training and support, experience and expertise of the team, etc. With the high performance industrial robot you can take your business to next level.


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