Best Use for the Perfect tax Calculator

Best Use for the Perfect tax Calculator

There are only a few days until the end of the delivery period for the 2020 income tax return. As a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Ministry of Economy extended the delivery period by 60 days, extending it until the 30th June. Thinking about helping taxpayers in the construction of their declarations, the expert brings some tips.

The Right Options

If you are making the declaration for the first time, it is necessary for the taxpayer to separate your CPF, voter registration, residential and professional data. In case of dependents, it will be necessary to inform in the declaration the number (of the CPF) of all of them. The use of the tax calculator is perfect there.

  • In addition to the usual documents, the taxpayer needs to have all proof of income for 2019, which is usually forwarded by companies. It is important that the income report contains the name and CNPJ of the paying source, as well as the amount paid, the IRRF and the INSS.
  • The expert also reinforces the importance of presenting proof of other expenses, such as: slips, invoices and receipts related to expenses with health, education, alimony, purchase and sale of properties or vehicles and the declaration of loans above five thousand dollars. It is of utmost importance that the taxpayer does not discard his receipts, so that there is always supporting documentation, in case the lion requests to be sent.
  • The declaration can be made either by computer, with the Declaration Generator Program (PGD IRPF 2020), available on the Federal Revenue website, or on the cell phone or tablet through the application, available on Google Play (for Android) ) or the AppStore (iOS).

When making the first declaration, the taxpayer must click on “make a new declaration” and inform all his personal and professional data at the beginning of the process.

Fine Solutions for You

The expert reiterates to the taxpayer the importance of carefully completing the declaration, so that fine mesh does not fall: “It is necessary that the taxpayer be careful not to make any mistake when filling out the declaration, always reviewing all the data declared. And, mainly, omitting no financial data.

Last Words

Among the main changes in this year’s declaration is the change at the beginning of the refund period, with payment in five lots, different from the seven in the previous year. The first payment took place on May 29 and the second batch is scheduled for June 30. The third for the 31st of July, the fourth for the 31st of August and the fifth for the 30th of September this year.


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