Becoming a Dental Office Manager

Becoming a Dental Office Manager

Due to the fact that we are all living longer, the number of dental patients is expected to increase over the next 10 years. This means that aswell as more dentists and dental assistants, the number of Dental Office Managers will also need to increase in order to satisfy patient demand. Dentists agree that the role of the Dental Office Manager is one of the most important, given the fact that these office managers are in charge of dealing with patients and trying to find new ones for the practice.

There are many different educational establishments that are willing to teach you to become a Dental Office Manager. You can expect your local community college to offer a campus based course, or even an online course, which means you could fit it around your existing work. Once you are qualified, you can then browse for a Dental Office Manager positions on a dental jobs website such as, which comes highly recommended.

What can you expect when you take part in a course designed to make you a Dental Office Manager? Well, it will prepare you for the often stressful daily tasks of organising and administering the operations in your dental office that you will eventually work for. You should expect there to be office training andteaching with regards to improving your supervisory skills. There is an opportunity to increase your legal knowledge when taking part in a course like this.

When you are completing your office training, you will be able to improve your skills with regards to touch typing, using software and providing a superior customer experience.Some programs also require the would be Dental Office Manger to partake in additional courses related to such areas as psychology, workplace behavior and the supervision of employees.

What Tasks will you be Expected to Complete as a Dental Office Manager?

A dental office manager is expected to be in charge of a wide range of activities within the dental office. Each task is essential for the smooth running of the dental practice.For example, you may be expected to file insurance claims on behalf of the practice, as well as complete general day to day billing. You may also be in charge of the recruitment process to find a new member of staff. Also, you may be in charge of marketing the practice and trying to attract new patients.

The salary of the Dental Office Manager can be quite generous, which grows with experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect a salary of around $40-60k. The larger the practice you are in, the more you can expect in terms of remuneration. To search for the latest opportunities in your area, check out


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