Are You Helping Your Affiliates

Are You Helping Your Affiliates

This article is for individuals promoting a program that they don’t own personally.

You can sell anything, you can be a bodybuilding affiliate, a computer affiliate program, a business opportunities affiliate, etc., but it’s best to promote something that you yourself are passionate about.

What do you do when you receive that email informing you of a new affiliate sign-up? Are you as excited as your new affiliate? These are important questions and we’ll put several others on the table for you to think about.

When you receive an email informing you of a new affiliate do you?

1) disregard it all together/delete.

2) put it in a folder and forget about it.

3) contact them.

4) send them your auto reply message and be done with them.

5) help them.

6) send them another offer for a different program.

If you picked 1,2,4,and 6 your doomed. Yes, I was just as guilty as the next person when I first started out with affiliate programs. Today I use method 3 and 5. Sending your new partner a first contact email shows them you care about their success. This first email to your new affiliate partner should be done within the first week, if not sooner. You could send something like this;

I would like to welcome you as my new affiliate in the (program name) affiliate program. What I have found that works best when marketing this program is (explain here). Please feel free to email any questions you may have and good luck.

Copy and paste that example if you like or make your own.

This works to benefit you in two ways. The first is you show them you care; the second is they can be accountable to someone other than themselves. Consequently, if you’re new partner doesn’t receive this in their first week you could be hurting your own income. Now there is a possibility that this new affiliate doesn’t need your help and that’s a tough one to figure out, but you should still send it anyway.

Not all affiliate programs will give you the mailing address of your new affiliate but most do. Keep a separate folder for each program that you promote. My best advice is that you keep in touch with your new partner and mail them regularly just to let them know your their if they need help.


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