An Online Reputation Expert’s 2016 SEO Hacks Recap

An Online Reputation Expert’s 2016 SEO Hacks Recap

Online Reputation Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is recapping the 3 search engine optimization (SEO) hacks of 2016. These hacks were valuable before everyone know about them though. Now that they are known by all, the name of the game has become unknown. Valuable SEO knowledge, says the online reputation expert, is obtained by analyzing organic search result patterns with experiments and understanding web search algorithms through experience. Here are Tumurcuoglu’s top 3 2016 SEO Hacks:

1. Link building – Link building was and continues to be one of the most important factors of online reputation management. However, the “perfect mix” between the quantity of organic links and the quality of organic links is changing. Gradually, Google is appreciating quality much more that quantity. It is better to have 3 high authority referring links rather than 100 poor quality referring links.

2. Team efficiency – Are you working in a team or individually? Individual consulting in the online reputation management realm is much easier to manage. All the knowledge is in one brain. With a team of online reputation experts however, individual contracts and SEO cases have to circulate in a tight and efficient manner. Online reputations must be handled with care. Therefore, a small team avoids slips of confidential information, allows for everyone to be at the same pace, and understand new concepts together. Although SEO is a digital action, the individuals who are performing it must work well together for it to be well executed. Company teams and structures are only getting more sophisticated so online reputation management experts need to remain organized and ahead of the SEO game in the industry.

3. Using Google’s tools – Among Google Analytics and the other tools offered by Google, Google Search Console is a must for any site online reputation experts want to optimize. The console allows experts to geo-target their sites based on location and language among other functions. Tumurcuoglu highly encourages other experts to keep an eye out for other Google services that are coming up or being updated in 2017.


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