All About Panel Computers And Industrial PCs

All About Panel Computers And Industrial PCs

Products of industrial computer (คอมพิวเตอร์ อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai) include controllers, converters, I/O systems, networking, and industrial products of mile sight, O Ring, that is a member of the IEI group, embedded PC, CPU boards, all-in-one PC, Touch panel PC, and many more. You will come across a vast range of products that fall under the category of industrial computer.

What Do You Understand By A Contemporary Industrial PC?

An IPC, or an industrial PC, or an industrial computer is nothing but a rough solution manufactured to meet the requirements that the environment demands. For instance, the desired criteria are high vibration and shock, extreme temperatures, protection from dust and liquids, etc.

If you compare an industrial PC with a client system, you will observe that Industrial PCs provide a longer life cycle of the product, scalability, reliability, and greater customization. They are also known for converging with another platform, for example, a vision system that has a higher resolution. Industrial PCs are designed with fanless designs and lower power. That makes them possible to be embedded in form factors that are more compact and small. Hence, there are perfect for environments that have constrained space.

Why Should One Convert To The Modern Industrial Computer?

There are a few reasons that make us migrated to IPCs today. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. To avoid the antiquation of technology – An industrial computer lets the user receive faster upgrades of software and run the newest applications of Industrial PCs.
  2. To heighten manageability and security – When using contemporary industrial computers, we experience better and more efficient protection from cyber-crimes and cyber-attacks. You will observe that the management of the procedures of patching is more remote and effective in Industrial PCs.
  3. To authorize digital manufacturing without the risk of replacement and ripping –While using industrial computers, we, the users, can innovate and connect with AI and IoT. At the same time, we can preserve the environment of our legacy. When we are in the process of migration, the downtime is effectively minimized.

Industrial PCs are powered by Intel technology, for a vast diversity of environments and applications, in a collection of mounting options and form factors. These form factors and categories include multiple items or products. Some of these products include embedded computers, industrial workstation computers, industrial rackmount computers, industrial panel computers, and many others.


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