ACN Scam? No it Isn’t!

ACN was founded in 1993 by four visionary entrepreneurs – Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz. ACN started out re-selling long distance phone service, but now ACN offers essential services like gas & electric and home security in 25 countries. These are services people use daily. Overtime, ACN has become the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and other essential home services.

ACN Claims:

ACN’s motto is “If it’s on, you get paid”.

If a 19 year old with no experience can do this, anyone else can. – Marc Isaac, Circle of Champions Member

ACN is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. – Greg Provenzano, Co-Founder

The owners have a commitment to always putting the needs of the masses above the needs of themselves.

ACN has enabled countless people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to experience financial and personal freedom, allowing them to live the life they’ve always imagined.

I gotta tell you and I’m not kidding you, it’s overwhelming the money that you can make here. – SVP Debbie Davis

Here is a third party review of ACN

What ACN Is Really About

Originally, ACN stood for the American Communications Network. However, they have changed to just ACN, so they can establish a better international reputation.

Fees:   $499 to join

            $100 – 150 in monthly fees

Optional costs:

            Business assistant: $39.99 a month

            Weekly Trainings: $10

            ACN Training Events: $149

Refund Policy

According to an ACN IBO agreement, “You may cancel your Team Trainer agreement, without penalty or obligation, for a full refund, if postmarked within ten (10) business days from the date of this Agreement, exclusive of the date of signing. I understand that if I cancel after the ten (10) day period, I am not entitled to a full refund.”

Here is a video that ACN put out about the opportunity ACN offers

Is ACN a scam?

I strongly believe ACN is not a scam.

For some reason, people often associate direct sales companies with scams and pyramid schemes. The main reason people accuse ACN of being a scam is because they felt they were lied to. Like all sales companies, you are often shown what you could be making if you were in sales. This is perfectly fine. There are plenty of hardworking individuals who make loads of cash in sales. And it’s true, anyone can do that. What keeps people from achieving those heights are themselves. When it comes down to it, many people don’t want to work hard. And what do these people do when they aren’t working hard and achieving their desired success? They blame the company. They say that they were lied to or that they were given false expectations.

Another reason people think ACN is a scam is because ACN representatives do not disclose how much money you can expect to make on average working for ACN. I don’t know why people think this is a bad thing. This means that the level of false expectations goes down drastically. Like I stated above, ACN is a direct sales company. When you join ACN as an IBO (independent business owner) you are given the opportunity to be your own boss. You work when you feel like it. Unfortunately, when many people are given this opportunity, they fail to work, which leads to no money. You don’t get something for nothing. This is when people get mad and bad mouth a perfectly legitimate company online.

Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?


Pyramid schemes have existed for centuries, and they will continue to exist. They are illegal and take advantage of people. But what exactly is a pyramid scheme? In a pyramid scheme, people/the organization gets others to join by paying a fee. In return, the new members are promised a piece of the profit gathered from other new members. Here’s where pyramid schemes get illegal. Pyramid schemes, don’t actually offer any goods or services. They rely completely on recruiting other people, taking their money, and recruiting more people. This is why pyramid schemes are illegal and considered scams.

MLM’s are often connected to pyramid schemes. While the two have similar business models, there is one key difference, MLM’s have real products and services that they sell. You can buy products from an MLM without joining.

Getting customers is another aspect that separates pyramid schemes and MLM’s. In an MLM, it doesn’t matter how many recruits you get; if you don’t have any customers, you won’t make any money. Getting and maintaining customers is a huge part of being successful in an MLM. Customers are not the focus in a pyramid scheme.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has said this about the difference between MLM’s and pyramid schemes: MLM’s, “have a real product to sell. More importantly, MLM’s actually sell their product to members of the general public, without requiring these consumers to pay anything extra or to join the MLM system. MLM’s may pay commissions to a long string of distributors, but these commission are paid for real retail sales, not for new recruits.”

Examples of Pyramid Schemes

One of the more famous pyramid schemes was Burn Lounge. Burn Lounge was a company that offered people to own their own online music store. Keep in mind this was back in 2004 when illegal music streaming/downloading was in its hay day. Here was the sales pitch; You pay to open up an online music store and invited people to buy music from your store. When people bought songs from your store, you were paid in points, that could only be exchanged for official Burn Lounge products. If you wanted REAL money, you had to pay another fee to exchange your points for money. As you can see, this was a poor business model and Burn Lounge was ultimately shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

ACN is not a pyramid scheme. They have proven this time and time again, yet still get accused of being a scam. Take a look at the list of partners ACN has below.

one 1

Do you really think these businesses would risk their reputation associating themselves with a scam? The answer is no. ACN is customer focused, which is the opposite of a pyramid scheme. ACN is combating this stereotype and has recently released a video explaining the difference between legitimate MLM’s and illegal pyramid schemes.


A lot of people reviewing ACN on their blog often bring up the various lawsuits that are pending against ACN. They often bring this up as a negative talking point to say that any legitimate company would not have ANY lawsuits against them. After all, would an honest company ever warrant a negative lawsuit? NEWS FLASH! Companies get sued all the time! Pick a company you respect, throw in “(company) lawsuit” into Google, and see what pops up. People sue companies often, sometimes for legitimate reasons, and other times for stupid reasons.

Here are some examples of other recent lawsuits.

two 2 three 3 one 1

I could do this all day, but the point is this- Just because a company has a lawsuit pending against them, does not discredit them. If we as consumers only dealt with companies that didn’t have any legal woes, then we would never buy anything. Remember to always do your own THOROUGH research. Don’t only read one source. Read all you can about a company, then make an informed decision on whether or not you want to get involved.

Are ACN Services actually competitive?

Digital Phone Service
Local & Long Distance
Home Security & Automation
Technical Support

Phone Service
Merchant Services
Security & Automation
Satellite TV
Technical Support

ACN tells its representatives that the services they sell are competitive, making it easier to sell these essential services. But what is the truth? Are ACN’s services really that good?

Here is an example of a cell phone plan presented by Virgin Mobile and Flash Wireless (ACN).

five 5

Virgin Mobile – $60 a month

six 6

ACN Flash Wireless – $47 a month

As you can see here, ACN is $13 a month cheaper than Virgin mobile, saving its users $156 a year.

Here is another example of how you can save with ACN as a television provider.

ACN: $50 (Includes NFL Sunday Ticket)

seven 7

Century Link: $69.99

eight 8

If you are getting cable TV, ordering through ACN will save you $20 a month, and $240 a year.

ACN Compensation Plan

When it comes to how you can make money with ACN, they are very transparent. The have a detailed plan set in stone that allows people to calculate how much money you can make with ACN. When people accuse ACN of being a scam, they tend to misunderstand that they have started in an MLM. As with all MLMs, you make the most money when you recruit others to sell the product. This is because you make a commission on everything they sell. So, if you recruit 50 people to sell the product or service, you are making commission on those 50 people. This can lead to a huge income boost. However, you need to work hard at it as with any job. If you lack interpersonal communication skills, then maybe working in an MLM isn’t for you. It would prove difficult to make money if you have trouble confronting people and being a salesperson.

The people that have tried and failed in MLM’s are the ones calling them a scam. ACN isn’t alone in being falsely accused as a scam. This has been going on for a long time. Like I mentioned earlier, people don’t anticipate that they will have to work very hard to be successful in a MLM. You absolutely can make a lot of money in a MLM, but understand it is not an easy road. Do your homework before getting involved in an MLM and figure out if it will be a good fit for you.

ACN and Integrity

ACN prides itself in being an honest, transparent and fully compliant company. In talking with Former Kansas Attorney General, Bob Stephan, he has said,

“In the past, I have talked about my first conversation with Co-Founder Robert Stevanovski. I was referred to Mr. Stevanovski by a friend who was knowledgeable about the network marketing business. My friend knew that I was familiar with legitimate network marketing companies as well as illegal pyramids when I was Kansas Attorney General. Generally when I was retained by a network marketing company, it was because the company had a problem that needed to be addressed.  My first question out of the box to Mr. Stevanovski was with what kind of a legal problem he needed assistance.  He answered my inquiry by stating that there were no legal problems and he didn’t want any. He said that he was interested in making sure ACN was in full compliance with consumer protection laws and to make it clear to Independent Business Owners that they also were expected to comply with legal requirements. That was more than 10 years ago.

The ACN Independent Business Owner Agreement and the Policies and Procedures set out guidelines that specify the conduct that is expected of all Independent Business Owners as well as ACN. All Independent Business Owners certify that they have read and understand both documents.

ACN wants to do everything possible to assist Independent Business Owners with the business opportunity. Compliance with the law is the first step on the ladder of success. The Founders realize that if an Independent Business Owner does not comply with the law, the Independent Business Owner not only hurts his or her chances for success but jeopardizes the opportunity for others. Because of this, all Independent Business Owners are subject to deactivation if obligations under the Independent Business Owner Agreement and Policies and Procedures are violated.”

In ACN’s manual on policies and procedures it states:

“ACN conducts business in an ethical and credible manner and requires its Independent Business Owners to deal ethically with their customers, with each other and with the company. ACN permits no unethical or illegal activity and will intercede when such behavior may exist, and ACN reserves the right to use its best judgment in deciding whether certain representative activities are unethical. Furthermore, ACN may use its own discretion in determining the appropriate course of action. If ACN determines that unethical activities may exist, then it reserves the right to suspend or terminate Independent Business Owner status, including but not limited to all commissions and payments of any kind. Under no circumstances would an Independent Business Owner who is terminated for unethical or illegal activity be entitled to a refund of their original application fee, nor are they entitled to sell or transfer their position.”

Again, people have often accused ACN as being dishonest. This is simply not the case. Sure, there were probably a few bad apples, and ACN has dealt with them accordingly. As a whole, you can be assured that ACN takes integrity very seriously. They have founded their business on honesty and won’t do anything to jeopardize all that they have achieved.

ACN Reviews

ACN has its share of haters out there. However, there are many, many positive reviews out there. Most notable of those good reviews are from the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) was founded all the way back in 1912. The BBB is a non-profit organization that set out to have a more trustworthy workplace. The BBB collects and gives reviews to businesses, both locally owned and operated and national companies. While the BBB is not a government agency, it does have its own standards and business that want to be affiliated with the BBB must obey those set standards.

Ten 10

The BBB has become a nationally recognized review system. Based on many different criterias, the BBB gives businesses a rating from F – A+. ACN currently has an A+ rating with the BBB. For those of you who think ACN is a scam or illegal pyramid scheme, do you actually think the BBB, an independent review system, would give ACN the best possible score? The BBB has done many in-depth investigations and wouldn’t jeopardize its credibility, giving a fraudulent company an A+ rating. The only explanation that the BBB would give ACN an A+ rating would be because they are a credible business with good business practices. Before you judge something, take the time to understand all sides of the story and take the gossip with a grain of salt.

ACN Success Stories

ACN calls it’s top sellers the Circle of Champions. These are people who built their business from nothing and strived for more. Many people have been successful at ACN. What separates them from the people who fail? Hard work and dedication. These people knew success didn’t come easy. They worked hard, changed their lives and now are some of ACN’s most successful IBO’s. Here are some of the success stories.

Simon Abboud – Simon began working in the direct sales industry when he was in school. Simon soon realized that there is a lot of opportunity working in direct sales. After a few years at a different company, Simon met with ACN. Simon was impressed with ACN’s leadership, vision, integrity and the possibility of having residual income. Now, Simon teaches IBO’s how to acquire customers and be successful at ACN.

Mike Bisutti – Before becoming part of ACN, Mike Bisutti was like most Americans his age; working multiple jobs, going to school full-time and getting more and more in debt. When Mike found ACN, he realized that he could change his life around if he worked hard. The road wasn’t easy, but Mike worked his way into ACN’s group of top sellers. Mike is an example of what hard work and dedication can bring you at ACN.

Mathieu Ambroise – Growing up, Mathieu had a tough life. He was a part of the foster care system which is anything but easy. As a young kid, Mathieu had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Mathieu worked hard and got into college, where his dreams of making a career in basketball started becoming an attainable goal. However, like all professional sports, almost all college athletes never make it to the professional level. Unfortunately, this was also true with Mathieu. This is when Mathieu discovered ACN. At ACN, Mathieu realized that he didn’t need athletic talent to be successful, he just needed to work hard. So that’s exactly what Mathieu did. Now, Mathieu is one of ACN’s top sellers.

ACN Charity Work: Project Feeding Kids

ACN is an extremely successful business and they have decided to give back to the community. One of the charities that ACN works with is Project Feeding Kids.

Child hunger is a serious problem and affects more than you know. In North America alone, there are about 17 million children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Chances are, you know these kids. They are everywhere and they need our help.

ACN has recognized the need to give back to the community. No one wants kids to go without food. ACN has partnered with both Feeding America and Food Banks Canada to help stop the epidemic of childhood hunger.

Here is a video about ACN teaming up with Project Feeding Kids

What ACN is doing is simple; every time someone becomes an ACN customer, one meal will be donated to a family in need. For those people who are already ACN customers, every time they pay their bill, a meal will be donated to a family who needs it.

This year alone, ACN estimates that they will donate 1.5 million meals to people who need it. ACN cares about helping out the communities they serve. This is what ACN members and others have said about ACN’s involvement with Project Feeding Kids.

“By simply doing what we do best – marketing services to consumers that they are already using and spending money on anyway – we can feed children in need right here.”

  • ACN Co-Founder Robert Stevanovski

“Thank you to ACN for making a commitment to addressing child hunger in Canada.”

  • Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada

“It is our responsibility and our privilege to help feed children in need. And now you can do your part as well. By becoming an ACN customer and paying your bill each month, you are not only getting great services at an outstanding value, you are helping to feed a child.”

  • ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano

“With the support of the ACN team and its customers, more people will learn about the child hunger issue in America today, and Feeding America will be better equipped to help provide meals that enable our community’s families to thrive.”

  • Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for Feeding America, Nancy Curby

“Our partnership will make a significant impact by ensuring fewer children will go to bed hungry.”

  • Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada

For more information on this, please visit

ACN Charity: The Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides a place to stay for families with children who are either critically ill or injured. The facilities are provided at little or no cost to the family. Families in these situations often can’t afford a place to stay while their child is staying at a medical facility. However, with the Ronald McDonald house, these families can stay near the medical facility without the stress of paying for a hotel. Instead, they can focus on what matters most, their family.

ACN recognized an opportunity to give back to the community, so in 2008, ACN started a partnership with the Ronald McDonald house. At each global ACN event, ACN has a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. In talking about the charity, ACN Chairman, Robert Stevanovski said the following: “We thought we could do the most good by really focusing on a charity that embraced our core value of helping families with children. That led us to Ronald McDonald House Charities.”

In addition to holding a successful fundraiser at ACN global events, ACN also matches the donations every ACN employee and independent business owner makes. There is no limit on how much ACN will match. Over the years, ACN has raised millions of dollars for the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Donating money is great, but ACN employees know the value of serving in the communities. Each month ACN employees donate their time and prepare meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald house. ACN made significant contributions to opening a new Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2010, it opened and ACN spends a lot of time volunteering and helping families at this location.

ACN also is a part of the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte Celebrity Golf Tournament. Every year, ACN employees plan and volunteer at this event. This golf tournament gives people the opportunity to play with a celebrity, while also giving back to the community. Most recently, ACN raised over $200,000. It’s no secret, ACN gives back to the community and has changed many lives.

For more information, please visit


After a full review of ACN, I can say with 100% certainty that ACN is not a scam. ACN is a legitimate direct sales company who suffers from dissatisfied former employees leaving scathing reviews on the internet. ACN is an MLM and this type of business model is often attacked. MLM’s thrive on the success of people selling the product/service and bring others to be apart of their team. If you lack the communication skills to be a salesperson or pitch employment opportunities, then you probably shouldn’t get involved with an MLM. Understand what you are signing up for and don’t get blinded by how much you could increase the money you are making. Yes, you can make money, but it doesn’t come easy. Working for ACN is a great business opportunity if you are ready to work and potentially change your life.


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