The computer numerical control is a method that is used to the purpose of automation of control systems and machine tools. The software is the mediator which is placed inside in a microcomputer attached to the subjected tool.

The computer numerical control is mostly used for manufacturing of machine plastic chunk and metal parts.

There is prospect of an embedded customization of all the products manufactured with the CNC. The program is present in an internationally standardized language which is also known as the G code. 

The code is stored within a microcomputer or the MCU, attached to the main machine. 

The program is designed to consist information that the machine tool then follows. These instructions include parameters such as feed rate, positioning and speed of the hardware components.

What are the advantages of a CNC?

The CNC are infamous for providing a higher level of precision, complex operation and repetition rate which is harder to achieve with the manual hardware tools.

The cnc is more accurate in term of speed, flexibility, and its abilities such as machine contouring.

Certain CNC variants come with integrated CAD and CAM or computer aided manufacturing software. This simply means the process of MCU programming is much more rapid.

Other integration of the CNC with software like enterprise asset management can smooth out the creases of operational intelligence and other process.

CNC machines are known for work daily around the clock and only stopping for repairs or maintenance. The reliability and endurance factors remain unmatched. 

As labour or personnel requirements are being lowered by the introduction of CNC machines, it saves revenue spent on manpower thus helping the industry have an upper hand in terms of competitiveness. 


The best computer numerical control systems in the market. 

Mitsubishi has proven its competency in providing enhanced cnc solution time after time. They are pioneering in the field of industrial automation and their solutions are varied, ranging from PLCs to EDM systems. For more information on the cnc product line, visit the Mitsubishi website.



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