What is CIM?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is a leading international professional marketing body with over 50, 000 members worldwide. It was first established in 1911 and since then, it has defined the basic standard of marketing operations in the UK while being a global vocal champion of the best marketing practice.

The overall purpose of the CIM is to help in developing professional standards and improving the various skills of marketing practitioners, with a view to delivering quality results for their various organisations.

Why it is necessary to study for a CIM qualification?

Becoming a student and then a professionally qualified CIM personnel is like an ace up your sleeve as an employer or an employee. CIM offers a rare opportunity for people to attain qualification in professional marketing by undergoing an in-depth training on the best marketing standards, covering a wide range of informative subjects that reflects on innovations,digital marketing and marketing metrics.


Upon qualification, the student becomes a professional marketing personnel with the highest marketing standard and ethics as the main watchword. Furthermore, a degree in CIM is a qualification that is globally recognised, meaning that the recipient of the qualification would be carrying rare skills and knowledge that are seriously needed by many employers aiming to realise their organisational goals.

A qualification in CIM will greatly impact on your marketing career—broadening your knowledge and scope of global marketing ethics.

How to Acquire a CIM qualification

Acquiring a CIM qualification is very easy. Internationally recognised institutions like Oakwood offers load of top quality programs on CIM qualification courses. At Oakwood international Institute, qualifications are available under three different levels namely:

  • Certificate – Level 4
  • Diploma – Level 6. And
  • Post graduate Diploma – level 7.

To effectively take part in studying for a CIM qualification, prospective student must first register with the relevant authority, after which he or she will then commence entry into the program starting from any of the 3 Qualification levels mentioned above.

In order to determine which of the 3 entry levels the student will be starting from, the program management team must be contacted via telephone (as listed on the site), who will promptly and freely assess your profile to determine your entry level.Once the registration details has been duly assessed and your entry level made known to you; the next step is to start the CIM Qualification proper.

The CIM Program and Qualification Obtainable

The program is designed to run smoothly throughout a calendar year, with course training taking place each month.  The system is very flexible, enabling the students to choose when to start and when not to. All students can choose their preferred location within the Middle East, covering Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and a host of otherplaces; including Europe.

Payment for fees can be made before the commencement of the CIM qualification program, or during the course of the program.

Once the student has successfully completed the program duration, the following CIM Qualification becomes obtainable, depending on the entry level:

  1. For qualified student under Level 4
  • Certificate Qualification in professional Marketing
  1. For qualified students – Level 6
  • Diploma Qualification in Professional Marketing
  1. For qualified student – Level 7
  • Post graduate Diploma Qualification in Professional Marketing

About Oakwood international

Oakwood International is an institution that provides human resource consultancy and training services in the Middle East, with student support centres in London and in Dubai (UAE). For the past 15 years, the institute has inculcated a wealth of training experience on thousands of students from across the globe through its professional qualification program in CIM and other relevant field of human resource study.


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