A Day In The Life of Ralphie, The Used Floor Buffer

A Day In The Life of Ralphie, The Used Floor Buffer

Ready To Go!

Make certain not to count me out. I am raring to go. Many of you may not know who I am. My name is Ralphie, I’m about 4 years old and most importantly I am a top of the line used floor buffer. For those of you who do not know exactly what that is, let me tell you some facts about me.

  • I am not made to be used on carpeted floors, sorry Shaggy!
  • If you have a wood, marble, linoleum, or tile (certain denser types may not buff well) floor, buy me fast! I am just what you need!
  • Attaining a high quality shine on your floor is my aim.
  • I am not a floor cleaner,  I AM A BUFFER AND THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!
  • Floor buffers are also referred to as a “floor burnisher” or “floor polisher”. Typically they slap our other monikers on us when the buffer pads rotation speed goes above 1000 rpm.
  • Smaller models may have buffer speeds as low as 175 rpm. You can tell we are a diversified bunch of machines.
  • Guess what? You may think I simply polish your floor with my buffer pads but no I actually interact with the thin polymer coating on top of the floor’s surface.
  • The actions employed are called “cutting” and “polishing”. Different  pads do different things. Floors which are heavily scratched and scuffed require a deeper cut to smooth out the surface.
  • Well, as you’ve learned there is a lot to know about floor buffers and whether we are new or used, this list can go on and on, so I’ll end it with this last fact: We are used for commercial and residential use.

The motor that is located just north of my buffer pads is what regulates the speed and although I am a used floor buffer, my motor works like brand new. In fact not only can you find new and used machines at our site you can find the parts that we require as well. All of the used products are carefully inspected and maintained to ensure that you receive the highest quality machine to assist you with your needs.

Either a Late Riser or Late Nighter

At my last gig, I got plenty of action though buffers are for occasional use.  He’d take me out after everyone in the office went home. He wanted to wow them in the morning when they came in with a great glossy floor.  The controls to get me going are located on my handle. Not only do they start the operation, the controls for speed are there as well. I’d come out for the big jobs too. I’d have to change pads a few times to make certain the light reflected right.  Either way I always got the job done. Looking forward to working with you!


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