A Brief Look Over Through Divergences And How To Trade

A Brief Look Over Through Divergences And How To Trade

As a trader, you look for different indicators to get the final confirmation for knowing the company’s signals. And one of the fundamental indicators that you would always look for is the price, which can give you a clear indication of the company’s share market value at any given point in time. There are other factors to look for while trading to confirm the decision to purchase or sell. And one of the indicators is the divergence signal in which you have terminologies like Bullish Divergence and Bearish Divergence. And not only these indicators, but there is one more, the Hidden Divergence. When the indicator is moving against the price, it is called Divergence. So let us know about those terminologies. 

  • Bearish Divergence: 

It can happen when the prices are too high on the chart, contradicting the indicator moment is on the lower tops. Following the Bearish Divergence, you will be noticing a dip down in the price indicator as well. 

  • Bullish Divergence: 

The Bullish Divergence is (Bullish Divergence คือ, which is a term in Thai) similar to Bearish Divergence but works exactly the opposite of it. When prices of the market shares hit the lower bottom and the indicator moment is giving you a higher bottom. Following the Bullish Divergence, you are more likely to watch a rapid increase in the price of the market shares. 

  • Hidden Divergence: 

The third kind does not generally fall under the conventional divergence indicators, and it further has two sub-categories. 

  1. Hidden Bullish Divergence, If we summarize in short, the price will be at the higher-bottom on the chart while the indicator will be showing you the lower-bottom. 
  2. Hidden Bearish Divergence, Yes you have already guessed it right. It is similar to the above but the exact opposite. The price is hitting lower tops, and the indicator gives Higher Tops.

Technical Indicators For Divergence Trading: 

If you search over the Internet for indicators that people use for divergence trading, you may find any one of them. 

  1. Stochastic Oscillator, as you already know, the Bullish Divergence is believed that will have the prices going near high, and the indicator will show low. And this indicator accurately displays what we have mentioned making trading easy for you. 
  2. MACD (Moving Average Convergence Indicator): With MACD, you will get the notice instance and analyzing the market for profitable opportunities. With this, it will easy for you to foresee the future state more precisely. 
  3. RSI (Relative Strength Index): It is one of the most used and a well-known indicator to follow the relative strength of the current price as opposed to the preceding day’s closing value of various assets.


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