8 Best Tools for Cooperation

8 Best Tools for Cooperation

This time it is about the tools in itself and I would like to say at the outset that there are three kinds of tools for me. Some tend to be more directional “project teams”, the others more directional “process teams” and the third more direction “mindmapping teams”. Of course, there are also tools that try to cover everything, and yes, some of them can also be realized through a specially integrated App Market, a hub where additional tools can be open and freely programmable.

You should ask yourself the following questions about the tools: Who will I use to communicate with these tools? What results do we want to achieve with this? And what do we want to lift and can we do that too? In addition, I would like to give you as well as my again mentioned article Here is the predecessor article in the team – The requirements to the tools of cooperation recommend for the selection of your tool.

The following tools were available for me, which I would like to introduce to you all, and I will also introduce the selection of our narrow tools:

  1. ezTalks Meetings

If you want to settle for nothing but the best tools for cooperation then your search ends with ezTalks. It has an almost endless list of interesting features to offer which will make cooperation fun, easy, quick, and hassle-free. Together with offering HD quality video and voice feature, it also offers application and screen sharing, gallery and full-screen view, group and private chat, whiteboard, scheduled or instant meetings, live broadcasting through browser, unlimited cyclical meetings, freedom to add up to 100 members, and a lot more, that too free of cost.

  1. Teambox

The Teambox is up to 5 users free and the Pro version is available from 5 $ per month and person. As with all other tools, you can manage projects, hold meetings, grant rights, and invite several employees to participate actively and constructively. Also a calendar adjustment with google calender is integrated and an SSL connection guarantees encrypted data transmission. The so-called 12 killer features = the 12 unbeatable points that speak for the team box are readable on the start page. The Teambox is completely translated into German.

  1. Wedoist

Wedoist is free for 3 users, the Pro version is available from $ 24 per month and is licensed for all employees, which means you can invite as many people as you want. There is apparently no limit. Wedoist gives it with all tool options like the team box, it differs in my eyes from the team box, because after the login appears tidier, clear and clear.

  1. Any.do

Anydo seems to be free for the whole team! Anydo is just a smaller tool, mainly available as an APP, but also for the browser. Anydo is now certainly not as big as the tools already described, but Anydo is an option to start small on the team or alone. The special feature of Anydo is also the “tidy surface”.

  1. Creatly

Creately is certainly a special case among all the tools for flowchart representation of the rivers to be programmed) and is available for $ 25 per month for 5 users. For 10 users, online collaboration costs $ 45 per month. Creately is definitely worth a look at the page! Creately has specialized in these flow charts and has optimized them for the team.

  1. Tgethr

Tgethr seems to be a platform that is free for all, with which you then make revenue, I do not know. But nevertheless, it is worth a look, for all who do not want to overload tools and want to have it “simple”. Tgethr is certainly also worth to be tested, which I will soon make up for, but the tool does not seem to be in German to handle.

  1. Projectpier

Projectpier is free, only browser-based and from the open source series of those collaboration tools.Projectpier is very projecty, but you can also use it for a little more. The great thing about Projectpier is certainly among other things, that one can host it with itself, which is not the case with the others, since the data are stored all in the cloud (in the Internet with the respective Providern), so you can it Your own server or in your own environment. Unfortunately, there is no German version, at least according to my state of affairs.

  1. Deskaway

Deskaway is also a cloud solution and therefore no installation is necessary. Deskaway is available from $ 25 per month for 20 users. Deskaway is certainly more a tool towards project work, it has been much refined and well-specialized in this direction. Daily backups and updating are also intended to provide security for this tool. To my knowledge, Deskaway is not available in German.


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