5 Tips for Protecting Your Identity Now

5 Tips for Protecting Your Identity Now

Identity theft has become huge in recent years with more and more people becoming victims to the crime. The reality is – there are a few simple steps you can take to make your identity much more secure. You’d be surprised how many people are ignoring them. Take a look…

1. Keep your passwords secure

This is one of the easiest steps to implement – but it’s also one so many people ignore. You shouldn’t have the same password for every site, as if one gets hacked you could lose access to other important areas of your life. Make sure you change your passwords regularly – and don’t write them down, either!

2. Check your mail regularly

With many transactions taking place online these days – people have started to ignore their regular mail. This is a big mistake. Many banks and other important services still use regular mail to send their most important documents.

Make sure you’re receiving everything on time – so you can hopefully spot when you don’t receive something you should be. That could be an indication that someone is stealing your mail.

3. Shred important documents

Whether it’s bank statements or other important information – almost anything with your name and address on could be used by identity thieves. Make sure you keep a shredder (they’re not expensive) and shred anything important.

4. Keep personal information secure

Some people post too much information about themselves online, especially on social media. Location information as well as family names and birthdays can all be used to attack your passwords or gain other important information about you. Try and be as secure as you can. Also, don’t confirm your personal information to any cold callers, even if they seem to know your name already.

5. Use an identity protection service

If you’re a particularly high risk individual or you simply want that extra layer of protection, an identity theft service might be for you. Check out best identity theft protection for more information.


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