5 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

5 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses of all sizes are looking for the best way to increase their user base and boost website traffic. You can find countless ways to drive traffic to your site; however, not all strategies are the same. When you really need to improve the number of people putting eyes on your website, here are five proven ways to boost traffic.

Investigate weaknesses in your SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial to how, when, and how often your website appears in other users’ search engine results. As a result, it’s pivotal to understand what factors are contributing to your website’s search engine performance. Search engines such as Google use myriad factors in their algorithm to determine whether or not your website should rank high on a page for a certain query. 

By using a platform such as LinkGraph’s software for analyzing your SEO, you can begin to get a handle on what factors are helping and hindering your search engine performance. 

Increase backlinks to your website

One thing that you might learn during your free LinkGraph audit is that your website has a low number of backlinks, or poor-quality referers. The more backlinks that lead to your website, the more likely your website is to rank as having a high domain authority. Domain authority is a strong indicator of search engine performance, which in turn can lead to more traffic on your website.

Use social media campaigns to your advantage

You should be harnessing all of the advertising tools at your disposal if you really want people to visit your website. Social media campaigns are one of the most effective ways of reaching a specific audience and driving them to certain actions, including visiting your website. Best of all, social media campaigns are perfectly capable of being tailored to small businesses and large enterprises alike. Thanks to social media campaigns’ high ROI, it doesn’t matter what your budget size is, because you’ll see success in your campaign as long as you provide relevant, engaging content. 

Harness the power of email marketing

Email marketing is another widely used marketing tactic that can help your business lead people to your website. Just like other forms of digital marketing, such as social media and display ads, the return on investment of email marketing is quite exciting in most industries. Best of all, the cost to create an email is relatively low, particularly with powerful email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and WordFly. Platforms such as WordFly even offer graphics that show you what links users are clicking on most often, allowing you to continually optimize your email campaigns for future efforts.

Consider guest blogging

One other way to drive traffic to your website is by guest blogging or hiring a guest blogger for your website. This sort of interchange of ideas and content lets you share your experiences, products, and initiatives with other like-minded individuals. Whether it’s finding an influencer to report on something exciting that your business is doing, or plugging your own expertise as a guest blogger elsewhere, this exchange can help create new backlinks to your website and introduces you to new customers. The result will be more traffic from an organic marketing effort.

The best thing about improving your website traffic is that it’s easy to start. You’ll be surprised to see just how quickly you can boost your website’s performance using just a few of the above ideas. By leveraging the five strategies listed above, you can quickly and efficiently leverage several different areas of improvement for your website’s performance. By starting with a small list and expanding your efforts to other forms of advertisement and search engine optimization, you’ll be able to build a strong base to continue improving on. 



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