5 must-follow security measures for the office

When people look for a job, there are several benefits and perks the individual is looking for. The first one and most popular is the salary; people look for a job to obtain a decent salary that allows them to purchase the goods they consider necessary for their lifestyle. Some other benefits may include the possibility of having a life insurance, health costs coverage and in some cases additional holiday bonuses and free days. People look for a job mainly for the benefits, and every company has to be able to deliver. There are, however, certain other responsibilities or benefits the company has to be able to give to their employees, security is one of them.

Who has to be safe?

The logical answer is that everyone needs to be safe. But a company has to pay special attention to their employee’s safety. The company or the business has to offer employees several ways to be protected against any hazard and to prevent risks at all costs.

Build and locate emergency exits

Every building, site, headquarters need to have emergency exits built and signaled. All employees must know where these exits are and they also need to know how to use them correctly. Some doors require some effort to be opened, and some emergency windows need to be broken in a specific way in order to be used by people without hurting them.

Employees must be briefed on how to use these emergency exits and how to operate them properly.

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Make employees wear their ID cards with lanyards.

Personnel has to be identified. This can be easily done by using ID cards; these must have a nice front picture and the name of the employee. It is also helpful if the job position is also displayed on the card. Lanyard supplies UK can link the cards to some information about the employee and the employer so that other institutions and authorities can also access vital information for closing deals and running a business smoothly.

Set some alarm system in the facilities

Having an alarm system to alert the trespassing of intruders is a must. Alarms can be set to detect motion, doors, and windows that are opened without permission or when somebody does not use the required passwords and codes. Alarm systems are not necessarily complicated, and the setting will depend entirely on the amount of building that wants to be covered. For smaller spaces and offices, the installations will be simple and cheaper than others.

Hire security personnel

Having special personnel trained to deal with difficult and risky situations can be very helpful according to the size and need of the company. There are several outsource companies that offer these services and they may also offer plans and different features to be selected according to the type of company that needs the services.


This might be one of the most expensive resources since it implies the purchase of many CCTV cameras that need to be connected to a recording central that will register hours of tape and events. Sometimes companies decide to have the camera system but without the registry. In this case, there must be someone in charge of taking a look at the cameras all the time. This is done to catch any suspicious behavior or movement on the premises and send the right personnel to deal with the situation.

These are some of the most common security measures that companies use to ensure their employees safety and therefore productivity. It is more difficult to run a business and to have employees working if they do not feel safe and they have to be paying attention to threats, risky situations and others that could be easily set under control by following the previous safety measures.

Remember, however, that these are pieces of advice and the best practices will always come from the mouth of experts. When dealing with the safety of employees, it is good to use all possible resources since they represent the engine that drives the business forward and must be represented and protected all the time. Seeking a security company to advice what plan is best to follow is always a good option when it comes to dealing with security in the workplace.


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