5 Home Renovations Ideas to Achieve the Minimalist Look

5 Home Renovations Ideas to Achieve the Minimalist Look

Now, you have the budget to renovate your home. After browsing through magazines and watching celebrity house tours on YouTube, you get more home renovation ideas for your living space. So, your goal is to have a minimalist look because it looks less cluttered and refreshing. 

Here are some tips for making your home minimalist yet stylish to start your renovation project.

1) Only Put the Necessary Furniture

Quality over quantity is the philosophy behind minimalism, so only put necessary furniture to make your space less cluttered. Avoid buying furniture that will have no use for your home or condo interior design in Singapore. 

2) Clean Clutters on the Surface

When you look around your home, take notice of the clutter on the surface: documents on top of the coffee table, uneaten food in the dining area, and random toys on the floor. It may be a lot of work to tidy them up, but it’s part of your home renovation in Singapore to achieve a minimalist look. 

3) Consider Multi-Purpose Furniture

Minimalism is all about space, so consider using multi-purpose furniture with more features. For instance, you can use a wall bed as a double feature for sofas and desks or transformation tables for your kitchen renovation in Singapore

4) Look for Light Visual Weight Accessories

In minimalism, accessories need to support the role of furniture instead of standing out against the interior design. To avoid this, look for light visual weight accessories to make it easy on the eyes and less spacious.

5) Natural Lighting is Better

The goal here is to avoid visual clutter in your condo interior design. That’s why utilising natural light is an excellent way to make your space look cosier and minimalist. It’s better to open windows and let the sunlight enter your home. 

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