4 ways to advertise with your staff members

4 ways to advertise with your staff members

Your staff are always there to make your business more money. Some work to get sales in and directly earn money from your customers.Others are there to make the products and make the item that is worth purchasing as without it you won’t get many purchases.A lot of staff are there to streamline the process and make it more efficient so you can sell more and earn more. You staff can be used however to advertise your brand in a direct way by marketing your brand to friends family and, in some cases, to the public as well. How is this done? Well in this blog post we are going to discuss various way that you can influence purchases of your website.

Have them recommend your products and service to friends and family

This may be done automatically without you needing to do anything but because your staff work with your company, know the quality of products and would find it easy to recommend you. To help with this you can teach them about your products and service more and ensure they know everything about what you do. When the time comes and a friend or family member does need something that your provide, they can properly sell it to them and ensure they come to you over a competitor.

Give them free samples of your product

This is another way to marketing your product to friends and family. If you give one of the products you provide to your customer to keep, when people come to visit them they will see the item and may try it out. This may then convince them to purchase the product for themselves. If it is a gadget your produce or a decorative piece for the house, it is likely that visitors will also see the item and will inquire further with them about it. What is even greater is when the products you provide are something that is taken around on the go on the person like a piece of clothing or a bag of some description as then they can take your product on the go and advertise your services to the public.

Promotional merchandise

This works in a similar manor to the previous point but on a much cheaper expense. Promotional items are products that are printed with a company’s logo that are used to advertise them to people. Giving them to staff will incite the same conversations as if you give them one of your products. People will ask about the merch which gives your staff a good opportunity to market your company. Even if they don’t ask, they are seeing your logo which will expose your brand to them and build your brand recognition. Plus if you give your workforce and printed tote bag they will use your items when shopping, in turn exposing your brand to a vast amount of people working as a moving billboard! Brand your own printed tote bags here.

Staff discounts

Many companies already offer this kind of deal for their staff members as it does help get more sales. Giving staff discounts to employees help sales in two ways; it stops your current staff members from going to one of your competitors and it makes their friends and family more likely to go to you as well. If they know that they can get your products cheaper if they work with you, they will be deterred from going with a competitor. You may earn less money on the order but it may be more money you would earn without it.


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