3 WaysLos Angeles Video Marketing Can Boost Your Email Campaign

3 WaysLos Angeles Video Marketing Can Boost Your Email Campaign

When it comes to boosting brand recognition, increasing sales, or expanding your consumer base, Los Angeles video marketing and email marketing are both excellent examples of strategies that work. Combining both into one big video-email campaign may be a bit tricky, but the results are extremely worth it when done right.

A study of nearly one billion emails conducted by GetResponse listed a 96% higher click-through rate on emails with videos than those without. Flimp Video Management published a similar survey where 82% of the marketers questioned listed video email marketing as effective. Video has always proven itself an effective medium through any channel, but just pasting a video onto your email body doesn’t count as an effective marketing campaign either. Here are three ways to go about it:

Personalized Video to Nurture Prospects

A personalized video, as the name suggests, is one where the message is specifically tailored to address the intended viewer. The effect is similar to opening your emails with a salutation, and then the contact’s first name. It instantly grabs the viewer’s attention—because everyone is conditioned to pay attention when their name is mentioned—and lets themknow that the message is meant for them. It also builds a sense of familiarity that will unconsciously put the reader at ease.

Note:You don’t necessarily have to make a different video for ever new prospect. Pinpointe offers a great example of embedding a video into a friendly and highly personalized email template. Notice how they use the recipient’s name in the subject and salutation line. Also notice how the speaker in the video looks straight at the camera. To the viewers, it’s the equivalent of maintaining eye contact as she speaks with them.

Bolder Brand Announcements

According to Wideo, sometimes great video content is enough to engage the audience. The right aesthetic can get people emotionally excited, warming them up to your brand that much sooner. Los Angeles video marketing has gotten engaging visuals down to an artform, and thus works best in announcement emails when you’re simply trying to grab someone’s attention.

Note: Keep your video short– around 30 seconds or less, if you can – and remember to include a call to action. Link them to your website, give them a huge button to click, or encourage them to follow you on social media. Make sure you get your viewer’s to do something after you show them a video, otherwise you’ve wasted a perfectly good opportunity.

Video/Email Series

Instead of sending them an embedded video ten minutes long, why not try chopping your video up into a series of shorter, sweeter clips? Kissmetrics lists Evian’s Baby Series as a pretty good example, citing how each episode intrigues the audience with that perpetual-yet-unasked “what will these babies do next?”hanging over each video. Likewise, you can turn a three-page email into a series of three to five emails spaced out over two weeks. The consistency increases the chances of your audience opening at least one of your emails, and placing a one-day bufferbetween each email sent will lessen the chances of them marking you as spam. The shorter emails and videos will also make your message more digestible and easy to follow.

Note: Make it clear in your Subject Line that this is a series. Write subjects like “What Can X Do ForYou? [1/5],” or “The Keys To Closing Sales [Part 2 of 3].” This will let the recipient know why you’re sending so many emails. It will also give them an idea of where they are if they so happen to open the emails out of order.

In the end, Los Angeles video marketingby itself is pretty effective. Coupling it with an email campaign or email marketing strategy can yield a higher conversion rate. By establishing a point of communication with your consumer base, you also raise brand trust. But make sure you’re only release quality content through emails. The huge risk to video-email marketing is recipients marking you as spam, or unsubscribing from you entirely.


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