3 Phase Power Converter for Power Efficient Clean Power

3 Phase Power Converter for Power Efficient Clean Power

Electrical circuits are complex; however, they may be simplified if we understand its making and systems. Two types of systems are available in electric circuits:

  1. Single Phase circuits
  2. Three-Phase circuits

Single V/s. Three-Phase Electric Circuit

In the single phase, current flows through only one wire and complete the circuit by returning through the neutral line. Hence, the power transmitted is the minimum.

In thethree-phase circuit, the generator sends three phases to the load. There is a phase difference of 120 degrees within each.  Since all the three phases generate the total power, the power supply is continuous.

Benefits of Three-Phase

You can use the three phase as three single phase system. The conductor required is 75% of that required for single phase circuit. Domestic loads are mostly single phase. But sometimes, the advantages of three phase make the single-phase owner get the single phase converted to three phase.

The main advantages are variation in frequency and speed control. Whereas the single phase comes to zero while the voltage crosses zero, the three-phase supplies power continuously. Hence, the 3-phase Power converter needs to store energy for the required fraction of a second.

Comparison of Three-phase Converters

  1. Rotary Phase Converter

It is a three-phase motor and has special power factor connection and starting devices for producing a balanced voltage of three-phase. When the rotating components rotate, it stores the energy by the mechanical inertia of flywheel effect. An idler motor runs with the load supplied by the single-phase power source.

  1. Transformer Method

It was popular during the 1940s and 1950 when the capacitors were costlier than the transformers. Therefore, this method made use of autotransformers for getting more power through fewer capacitors. Even today, this method is in use but sparingly.

  1. Static Phase Converters

This is a method to start a three-phase motor because it cannot start on thepower of single-phase. But once started, it can continue to run, with a reduction of 2/3rd in HP. Moreover, the life of the motor is shortened.  A static converter discharges the starting capacitor and provides the third leg of the three-phase power.

  1. Digital phase converters.

They are the latest in the technology. It uses a microprocessor called Digital Signal Processor (DSP). It monitors the process of phase conversion and continually adjusts the input and output modules of the converter. As a result, thebalanced power of three- phase is maintained under all load conditions.

This consistency in thesupply of power is the major benefit for the consumers of electricity. Moreover, the DSP controls the power switching process and generates efficient clean power and virtually powers any three-phase equipment.

Because of the cost-effectiveness of the rotary phase converter, most companies in Canada are opting to useDyna-phase 3 phase powerconverter for their facilities. These facilities include:

  • Metal working equipment
  • Woodworking
  • Pivot irrigation equipment
  • Power transmission
  • Grain dryers
  • Filtration plants
  • Refrigerator units
  • CNC machines
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Welding

This product will be your best option if you are looking for a more efficient and cleaner source of power.


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