3 Direct Selling Companies to Watch in 2017

3 Direct Selling Companies to Watch in 2017

You’ll find a different direct selling company at the top of nearly every list you consult to determine which has had the most success, the most representatives, or is the best to work for. Determining the best company for you has a lot to do with your interests, the type of product you would enjoy selling, and your up-line.

 That being said, here are three newer direct selling companies on the rise that you should definitely keep an eye on this year.

1. Vasayo

With products ranging from core essential nutrient supplements, to a sleep micromist and energy microgel, Vasayo has health and wellness products to help you maintain your health-conscious lifestyle. Founded by Dallin Larsen who previously helped co-found two other hugely successful multilevel marketing businesses, this new venture is sure to be successful for not only him, but for the distributors who are able to build their own business with his help. Vasayo’s unique take on health supplements sets this company apart from others, and the knowledge that it’s backed by Larsen provides a pretty good guarantee that it will be quite lucrative, too.

2. Fundanoodle

Although Fundanoodle products have been on the shelves of large retailers for a decade, this company only recently adjusted its selling model to accommodate direct sales. They offer educational products that help toddlers and young children learn to write, an often overlooked skill in this increasingly technological world. The products available were developed with the help of pediatric occupational therapists with the intention of helping develop motor skills and prepare kids for school. Fundanoodle offers something every parent wants to give their kids: the best start in life.

3. Direct Cellars

Direct Cellars is a company to watch given its unique take on the multilevel marketing business. This company offers a wine club, in which you receive two, four, or 12 bottles of wine monthly that are either all red, all white, or a combination of both. The idea behind this concept is that many people prefer to sample new wines and enjoy time with friends and family from the comfort of their own home. Direct Cellars offers just that with a new variety of wines arriving on your doorstep from all around the world each month. It’s like an Ipsy bag for wine-lovers.

Find Your Best Fit

Whether you’re gathering your options for a work-from-home business, or seriously considering a future in direct sales, these are 3 companies to keep in mind. Offering a new twist on the traditional MLM business, these companies each offer something new and unique to consumers, helping set them apart from other businesses in the same market.


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